Admiralty Park

Admiralty Park is considered the widest or biggest in the northern part of Singapore, with a river flowing through it and a hilly terrain. It is the home of one of the biggest and most excellent outdoor playgrounds in Singapore. It has 26 slides in three major play areas, Family Terracing Play, Adventure Play, and Junior Play; Admiralty Park caters to children of all ages. 

Admiralty Park Features

  • Playground

This playground is developed into a mountainous terrain. With lots of ups and downs, it is no surprise that the playground takes account of an exciting array of 26 slides. From small ones to big ones, which are up to three floors high. An extensive array of play tools and equipment spreads in the Junior Play, Adventure Play, and Family Plays zones, making it ideal for children and adults alike.

  • Slides

Children have lots of options. From covered slides to the standard slides, and even a noodle bar slide, which goes from the pinnacle of the landscape down? The covered silver slides are considered the most impressive one, which goes from the pinnacle of the playground. It has a metal surface which makes it fast entry and exit. This is not only ideal for children but also for adults at heart.

  • Sand Play 

There are also sand play sections in the Park. So, make sure to bring a bucket as well as spades to allow the kids to dig. There are shaded parts around the sand play to let parents rest while watching their kids enjoy.

Admiralty Park is divided into three major parts: Family Play, Adventure Play, and Junior Play. Each one catered for different age groups and different levels of adventure. This also features a comprehensive playground, a portion of an initiative proclaimed in 2015 by the NParks. This takes into account a wheelchair-friendly swing and a lot more.

  • Flying Fox

Admiralty Park boasts a flying fox. You can find it by heading up to the main play structure, and on the way up, it is on the left part. You can also ask kids if they know about it.

  • Lots of Seats and Shades

Another good reason this Park is very popular is that there are many seats and shades available for everyone to rest and away from the sunlight. This enables parents to last longer and for the children to play longer.  

Frequently asked questions

This Park consists of 20 hectares and encompasses a different mixture of secondary forest, open grassland habitats, mangroves, and riverine. Families might embark on the many trails to get to know the diverse species residing in the woods, spot hordes of dragonflies, and see monkeys in their natural habitat.

The Park has 26 slides. This is the biggest Park in the north and is located on hilly terrain with a river flowing. It houses the biggest nature area in an urban park. The improved 7-ha urban area now comes with 26 slides- the highest in Singapore.

It is highly suggested that you bring insect repellent, sunscreen, and extra clothes as well as water bottles.