Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West

Tourists and locals will surely find Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West to be totally relaxing, peaceful, and a perfect place to be with nature. This is where fitness enthusiasts, environmentalists, and ordinary bystanders would meet. You may find people do some physical exercises such as jogging, practicing tai chi, and there are some reflexologists that do foot massage and therapy. All of them are just simply enjoying the garden’s lush green scenic view.

Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West Overview and Features

People are startled by the amenities of this park that bring so much joy, especially to the nearby residents. It has the capacity to accommodate large crowds because the park has around 14 hectares. This park is being lighted around seven in the evening till seven in the morning.

It could be the reason why families, friends, lovers, and bystanders are gathered in this park. There are areas suitable for an individual driven to keep his or her body fit. The park has equipment and amenities that can pose a challenge to some cyclists and runners. The tracks are challenging for the jogging tracks, and cycling tracks are about 1.4 km and 2 km long. The tracks served to link the Bedok reservoir to the Siglap Park Connector.

You can find the main track, which is the walking track that cuts across the park, and it has two tracks that come side by side. No need to worry about too much exposure under the sun since the walkways are sheltered on both ends of the park, near the station. The jogging tracks are long, flat, and linear cycling adds up to the challenge. It also has fitness equipment which surely brings delight to fitness enthusiasts.

The park is built on high mounds with undulating terrain on which families would spend time enjoying each other’s company under the tree of the park. It is a place of relaxation where you can find some reflexology footpaths, on which you can walk and enjoy a foot massage.

The usual sightings in the park are people engaging in Tai Chi, inline skating, and families having a picnic. The park has the beauty of nature to offer, such as having big trees like mango and palm trees. These trees provide a shed for people to gather around and eat their sumptuous meals on their picnic.

Though it may be a community park, its cleanliness is beyond question. People can enjoy spending time in the park without being bothered by some garbage and littering. The nearby residents consider this park as a retreat. It has a corner that is fully equipped with fitness paraphernalia. It has a playground for kids to enjoy. This community park is not only pleasurable for you, surely your pets, such as dogs, will also enjoy the park because it has a dog run area.  

It is breathlessly beautiful and clean, washroom and visitors will enjoy all the amenities that the park gives. They can also maintain themselves clean because a public washroom is being provided.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions of some visitors and locals, such as;

Such a question is being responded to by the government by providing certain areas which are accessible for wheelchairs.

If you want to have an idea of how big this park is, you can just imagine a park size that is about 21 hectares. The area is indeed big that it will surely become not only a sanctuary for animals and birds but also for those individuals that want to breathe in the fresh air and experience the tranquility of nature. It is just like a secondary forest in which you can enjoy seeing different types of plants and flowers such as the Dillenia and Vitex that abundantly grow in the area.