Bisham-Ang Mo Kio Park

Amidst the busyness of urban life, one may find solitude and comfort in the quietness and serenity of a park. This is one of the largest parks in Singapore that you may find right at the heart of the busy urban area of the country. It becomes a perfect getaway for families during the weekends or for their bonding time.

Bisham-Ang Mo Kio Park Overview and Features

The intensive measures adopted by the government through the Beautiful and Clean Waters Programme (ABC) have de-concretized and naturalized the old concrete canal. It transformed it into becoming a beautiful meandering river that has on its banks different wildflowers and different greenery plants.

The park was known by the nearby residents as having unique waterways as well as pond gardens and river plains. It is a sight to behold with the open lawns that are gently sloping on the grassy banks of the river. It became a favorite spot for families to spend their gatherings and picnics and eat their meals while enjoying the sight of the waterways.

A rich and interesting fauna and flora can be seen in this 62-hectare park. One may find different species of plants that grow abundantly in the area. Its rich flora and fauna have attracted nature lovers and enthusiasts to go to the park and be with nature. This park is home to 30 species of butterfly and may be considered the butterfly’s habitat.

Those who are into keeping their bodies fit would go to the park and enjoy their jogging routine or cycling in the park’s well-maintained tracks. These guys will surely enjoy jogging and cycling, which is being accompanied by the babbling of the river.

The beauty of the park had made shutterbugs lurk in the area, and they take photos of the amazing scenery.  

Everybody will surely have a good time in the park, even the children and young brats, because there is an all-access facility such as a merry-go-round and there are also some facilities which are suitable for children with special needs, like wheelchair-accessible swings and merry-go-round. These facilities make children have fun regardless of their abilities.  

There are strict prohibitions against fishing in the river as well as in the areas of the Dragonfly pond and the Lotus Pond. Cyclists are also discouraged from cycling on the bridges. The do’s and don’ts are strictly being implemented inside the park.  

A weary and tired body and soul may find relaxation in the Therapeutic Garden which was launched in the Bisham-Ang Mo Kio Park, which is specifically divided into different zones such as the fragrance zone, biodiversity zone, edibles zone, and well as the colors and textures zone. Surely the therapeutic garden is a feast for the person’s different senses.


There are four zones in the park which are the fragrance zone, biodiversity zone, edibles and medicinal zone, as well as the colors and textures zone.

It is located along Bisham Road and Ang Mo Kio Ave 1.