Central Catchment Nature Reserve

If you are looking for one of the largest nature reserves in Singapore, then Central Catchment Nature Reserve is the answer. You can visit the spot with your loved ones. While you are here, you can enjoy the beauty of nature while breathing out the stress brought on by your work or school.  

Bukit Batok Town Park Overview and Features

When you are in this park, you will feel that you are in China, for it has the same features as the Guilin in China. This park was fondly called by the locals the “little Guilin” or sometimes Xiao Guilin. Both the Bukit Batok Town Park and the Xiao Guilin have granite rocks within the lake.

The serenity of the place has attracted many tourists and locals to spend time in this park because it makes them feel one with nature. Usually, they would sit in a shelter that looks like a dome just to have a good view of the serenity of the lake. Spectators are awed by the majestic view of the lake, which has a natural backdrop of the towering cliffs.

The beauty of the park is a perfect picture place that has become a favorite for photo ops, especially for weddings. You can see couples posing for their wedding pre-nuptial photos. Shutterbugs are also bussing in the place, trying to capture the beauty of the place through their camera lenses.

It may be one of the big parks in Singapore because it has a total area of 42 hectares. Despite its seemingly large land area, this park may seemingly be small, for most of the areas lie in the hills behind the cliffs. The running area of the park is relatively small. Though there was a trail which is the Bukit Gombak Trail, it has been closed due to landslides, and visitors are not permitted to use the trail as a precautionary measure because the trail is unstable to use.

If you opt to have a long run, then you may use the park connector that will lead you to Bukit Batok Nature Park or Bukit Batok Hillside Park.

It was an abandoned quarry site that eventually developed into a park. You may still see the visible signs of it being a former quarry site, for it has granite rock formations. These granite rock formations bear similarity to Guilin China’s granite rock formations.

Despite the park’s large lake and abundance of fish, there is an absolute prohibition against fishing. You will just have to enjoy the serenity of the place by looking at the crystal clear waters of the lake. The serenity of the place is perfect for having a good stroll or just walking while enjoying the scenic view of the lake.

There are different types of people that meet in the park, some of which are physical enthusiasts that would challenge them by running on the undulating terrain of the park. Some may just enjoy an intensive workout, and others will go for a hike. Whatever person’s mood can be expressed in this park, which may be considered a secondary forest. It has lush green leafy plants, different hues of flowers, as well as study trees.


If you opt to take a stroll in Bukit Batok Town Park, you can get there from Bukit Gombak MRT station, which is only about a five-minute walk from the station. You can also reach this park through Tower Transit Singapore, which operates bus service number 945 from the Bukit Batok Bus Interchange.  

There is a strict prohibition against fishing in the lake, but there is a designated fishing area that is near the stadium.

Most of the locals have agreed that the water is coming from the rain because the park is an abandoned quarry site, and in due time, the rainwater filled up the area.