Coney Island Park

Does city life makes you problematic and stressed? Book a visit and drive your car to Choa Chu Kang Park. The park is open for families and couples who need some fresh air and a little bond. The area has several structures that will make you feel as if you are in different dimensions. 

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Chinese Garden Overview and Features

The Chinese Garden is a popular spot for nature lovers and park-goers. The area covers more than 13.5 land hectares which are wide enough to build Chinese establishments with green surroundings. If you do not have the budget to visit China, this is the best alternative. The Chinese Garden will give you a Chinese vibe in an instant because of its techniques, structure, design, and overall vibe. 

If you have read about Chinese cultures, two stone lions must be built at the Chinese temples, tombs, palaces, and other structures. For the Chinese, the lion is the symbolism of protection. `The Chinese Garden also has these stone lions that you can see at the garden’s entrance. 

The Chinese Garden is considered the first and only Chinese traditional park established in Southeast Asia. 

One of the best attractions that made the Chinese Garden popular is the mesmerizing bridge that was inspired by Peking’s Summer Palace bridge. Because of its jaw-dropping and well-designed arch, many individuals want to take different poses in this spot. 

Other attractions you must see in this garden include the tower, plateau, pavilion, Pagoda, tea house, Stoneboat, and many more. The Pagoda could be one of your favourites as it allows you to enjoy the whole garden’s view together with the nearly Japanese garden and Jurong lake. 

The Chinese Garden also features more than 2,000 variants of bonsai imported from different countries, including China. The garden also houses a museum where you can enjoy seeing different species of tortoise and turtles. 

Another charming attraction to see in this destination is the Garden of Abundance. This spot features Chinese animal sculptures, pomegranate trees, stone bridges, and an old pomegranate tree. All these features made the Garden of Abundance one of the best spots in the Chinese Garden. 


The Chinese Garden in Singapore covers 13.5 land hectares, which is wide enough to accommodate several visitors and locals wandering in the area. 

The first opening of the Chinese Garden to visitors and residents happened in 1975. 

Yes, the Chinese Garden is pet-friendly. This means that you can take your fur babies to this area for a walk. Just make sure to leash them and pick up their poops.