Clementi Woods Park

Are you in search of an underrated but worth visiting green space in Singapore? Well, it is time to consider dropping at the Clementi Woods Park. 

The park features verdant slopes where you can play with your kids or fur babies. With the trees surrounding the area, you will surely enjoy your wander here together with your loved ones. This is the ideal place for people who want to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Read more about the features you will see at Clementi Woods Park below.

Clementi Woods Park Overview and Features

The Clementi Woods Park is a not so popular park in Singapore. It is part of the Southern Ridges trail, but it is specifically situated at the trail’s western end. If you plan to wander the entire Southern Ridges, it would be best if you will start your journey at the Clementi Woods through the NUS. Besides the Southern Ridges trail, you can also navigate Kent Ridge Park.

One of the good things about this park is that it features paved and bricked pathways. With this in mind, it is ideal for all ages. One of the best spots in Clementi Woods Park is its amphitheater that is located in the centre of the park and surrounded by leafy green trees. When you get tired wandering the area, you can take a rest at its uniquely styled shelters and seats.

Did we mention that Clementi Woods Park is perfect for all ages? Whether you are male or female, kids or adults, you will surely love the playground situated at the heart of the park. 

This area is one of the modest parks in Singapore. The playground will make your kids and fur babies happy and satisfied. Another playground your kids can play at the park is the Adventure Playground that is situated a few steps from the West Coast Park.

For adults who need some thrill, the Clementi Woods Park also has a perfect spot for you. The park features a nature play garden located some stones away from the playground. The playground is ideal for children and adults. It allows anyone to play with the natural elements, such as logs, that will enable you to build a strong connection with nature.

The play garden is located near the two-car parks in the area. So, you can leave your car there, and after a few walks, you are inside this refreshing park. Beyond that, the play garden spot is also located near the building where a house restaurant was previously established. Currently, the house restaurant is now renovated into a kindergarten school. 

So if you are looking for a place to relax or reconnect with nature, Clementi Woods Park is worth dropping by.