Coney Island Park

Are you tired of your city life? Why not inhale some fresh air at Coney Island Park in Singapore. This park is the best place to visit with your family and friends.

Coney Island Park is also the ideal area for couples as they can spend some quality time together while enjoying the rest of the view. Beyond that, hikers and bikers will probably love the pavements and adventures they can experience in the area.

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Coney Island Park Overview and Features

Do you like outdoor exercises, such as cycling, walking, and jogging? Well, The Coney Island Park in Singapore is the perfect spot to show off your workout enthusiast side. 

The Northeast part of Singapore is the home for casuarina woodlands, coastal forests, untouched trails, and coastal forests. You can rent a bike to wander the area and witnessed the mesmerizing beauty of the eco-friendly park. 

Since this area is isolated, it would be better to spend half of your day seeing the beautiful sceneries and landscapes in the area. 

One of the best spots in this nature park is Punggol Point Park. Here, you can walk with your loved one, relax at its playground, and play with turtles in the pond. Since the area is uninhabited, purchasing snacks and water before riding on your bike is recommended. 

Another best thing to do in the area is to take a picture at its Instagrammable Island Gate. 

All the views in the park are worth taking a picture of, but the Coney Island Gate stands out. The gate is situated in the West and East parts of Coney Island. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your camera and take a pose in this area.

As you start cycling, you might notice that the terrain or pathway is quite bumpy. Despite that, the breeze touching your face will give you a more enjoyable biking experience. If you want to visit the beaches in the area, make sure to follow the directions placed along the path. 

Although the area does not give you pristine waters and azure shores, it is still worth stopping by to take a break after a long ride. For a more tranquil experience, it would be best to visit the beach E and C. These beaches will make you feel relaxed and have peace of mind.


Yes, Coney Island Park allows its visitors to do picnics. But make sure to clean up your mess before leaving the area.

Yes, the island park is safe to visit and open for families, friends, and couples.

Beyond biking, the Coney Island Park also features challenging trails perfect for hikers who are looking for some adventures.