Dairy Farm Nature Park

Are you planning to take a trip to Singapore after the pandemic? One of the best tourist destinations you should visit is Dairy Farm Nature Park. 

You can read further details about this nature park below. 

Dairy Farm Nature Park Overview and Features

Is this your first time to hear about Dairy Farm Nature Park? If so, you might think that Singapore owns cows. Even there is a word “Dairy” to the park’s name does not mean it features different species of cows. 

The name of this nature park is derived from the previous farm located here. Currently, this area becomes the perfect spot for nature enthusiasts who want to inhale cool and refreshing air.

Are you a park-goer or a die-hard fan of nature who wants to rejuvenate their soul by seeing the beautiful landscapes? Well, this nature park is perfect for you as it offers several activities you will surely enjoy!

One of the first attractions you must see in the Dairy Farm Nature Park is the Wallace Trail. This is a family-friendly place to chill and work out. 

The Wallace Trail is composed of jungle tracks and paved pathways. With its natural green scenery, it became one of the best attractions in the Dairy Farm Nature Park. It measures 2.2 kilometres, which is ideal for all fitness levels and ages since it is not hilly and generally flat.

As you take a walk through the trail, you are more likely to get bumped with several artefacts, including the old hut’s remnants that are overgrown by green leaves. This place is also ideal for photographers and birdwatchers as this park houses different species, such as Slender Squirrel and Crimson Sunbird.

Another attraction to see in this park is the Dairy Farm Loop that is perfect for those hikers looking for some thrill. This trail is one kilometre away from the highest hill in Singapore, the Bukit Timah Hill. 

The NParks consider it to be a difficult trail and is ideal for those hikers with a few experiences in hiking. Before reaching the summit, you need to go through the steep and sloppy paths of the trail.


This nature park is established for everyone who needs to relax and get peace of mind.

Yes, the Dairy Farm Nature Park features trekking trails that will challenge every hiker out there.

There are various things you can do in the park, such as biking and hiking.