Esplanade Park

If you are looking for one of the oldest heritage parks in Singapore, visiting Esplanade Park should be your first choice. This park was built in 1943 and redeveloped in 1991 to improve the identity of the Civic District and to build a significant frontage for City Hall, Supreme Court, and Padang.  

Esplanade Park highlights various Singapore’s historical landmarks, making the place well-visited and renowned in the country.  

What are the Different Attractions in the Esplanade Park?

Visiting Esplanade Park can make your Singapore tour even more memorable and exciting. To name a few, here are the top attractions you may opt to visit: 

  1. The Fountain of Tan Kim Seng

This place was custom-built by the community to honor the philanthropist’s major contributions to the country. The ornate Fountain of Tan Kim Seng was first divulged on May 19, 1882, by the municipal council president, Mr. Thomas Scott. Tan Kim Seng was one of the renowned leaders of local Chinese civic and a passionate supporter of a local hospital named Chinese Pauper Hosp. He also founded two education establishments to improve the literacy level among the Chinese.  

This place is made of cast iron, and it features 4 Muses — the Greek goddesses in art, literature, and science. On its lower boule, each goddess bears an item of her benefaction. Clio, the History Muse, carries a scroll; Melpomene carries a wreath, the Tragedy Muse; Calliope, the Goddess of Epic Poetry, brings a writing tablet; and Erato carries a lyre, being the Lyric Poetry Muse. Under the sculptures of those Muses are Poseidon’s 4 different faces.

  1. Cenotaph 

This is a memorial of war that honors the military workers who sacrificed and fought their lives during World Wars. The cenotaph was formerly erected to commemorate the 124 brave men from clusters of Singapore. They left for war during the 1st World War in Europe and never came back.   

Cenotaph was planned by the famous Denis Santry. He came from a well-known architectural company, Swan & Maclaren. He’s the master behind the Former Station in Tanjong Pagar Railway and the Sultan Mosque. This place was displayed after Cenotaph in London.  

  1. Queen Elizabeth Walk 

This is considered home to three of the country’s monuments — the Cenotaph, Tan Kim Seng, and Lim Bo Seng. It is created from a series of renovation projects.  The best thing about this place is its small park with a pleasant venue for strolling.

Another best place you may visit is the Supreme Court. It was designed by a municipal architect named Dorrington Ward between 1937 and 1939. This is known as the final classical edifice built in the area.  In fact, Supreme Court is the finest construction of the British era, loaded with an imposing green dome, Georgian windows, and Corinthian pillars.  

Where is the Esplanade Park Located?

Esplanade Park is situated within the downtown business core region of Singapore. It is 2.4 hectares of luxurious greenery and is considered a home to various monuments, covering the country’s major history.

Since Esplanade Park is interconnected with various spots in Singapore, more and more people are longing to visit this place.