Gardens by the Bay

Singapore offers countless sceneries and gardens every visitor will love. One of these is the so-called Gardens by the Bay. Are you familiar with this place? If not, this is your chance to know everything about this remarkable garden.

What are the Different Attractions at Gardens by the Bay?

If you are eager to visit Gardens by the Bay, your first move is to know the spots to visit within the area. Here are some of the few you shouldn’t miss roaming around:

  1. Flower Dome – The place covers 1.28 hectares. It is bigger than three cooled schools of the arts. The place also marked the Guinness World Record after awarding as the “World’s Biggest Glass Greenhouse” in 2015. Flower Dome is considered as a home to flowers and plants from thousand-year-old olive trees and five continents to orchids and magnolias.
  2. Floral Fantasy – This place is the second garden loaded with realms of fantasy and history. Every visitor loves its perfect ambiance, especially when they roam around the area together with their loved ones. Each distinct zone takes inspiration from the storied Hanging Gardens of Babylon and fairy tales filled with dramatic driftwood sculptures, cavernous spaces, and collections of floral art.
  3. Cloud Forest – This place is a mist-filled dramatic vista and landscape of sporadic vegetables. Having a 35-meter tall Cloud Forest will allow you to explore plant life and soar as you continue to roam around its heights.
  4. Supertree Grove – This place is filled with stunning lights and sounds. It soars to the peak of a 50-meter high observation deck named Supertree Observatory. As you leave the conservatory, you will love the grove of surreal and soaring structures of the area.

Garden by the Bay offers an unforgettable sunset and exquisite views. The stunning waterfront and lush open lawns will give you the best view of the skyline. Other exciting views you may visit are OCBC Skyway, Far East Organization Children’s Garden, and many more.

Where is Hindhede Nature Park Located?

Hindhede Nature Park is situated next to Bukit Timah, a country’s nature reserve. This place features various activities suitable for every guest. Serene and scenic, it is an ideal spot for trekking, bird watching, and even simply brisk walking together with your loved ones. The best thing about this place is that it has an easy trail and excellent footpaths. The park is not only ideal for couples, but for the whole family as well. Its ambiance is perfect for both elderly and kids.

Depending on your choice, you may enjoy a rich diversity of fauna and flora. In fact, it is the most visited area for the outdoor classrooms. Mostly, teachers encourage their students to visit the place to conduct an on-site lesson. In addition, they can also try the park’s countless inhabitants like Plaintain Squirrel.

Hindhede Nature Park opened last 2001 and was intended for families with elderly and kids. Its short trail begins from the Guest Center and runs in a twist to the quarry area of Hindhede, usually 90 meters away from the park.