Hong Lim Park

Singapore is one of the most visited countries as it showcases countless spots, exhibitions, and parks. Among the different choices, Hong Lim Park marks to every guest. Do you know the reasons why? Here are the exciting facts you need to know about the place.

What are the Different Attractions at Hong Lim Park?

Hong Lim Park is a place for storytelling and an ideal spot that tells the history of Singapore. Of national and historical significance, this park was originally named after Thomas Dunman, the first Superintendent of Police. Throughout the park’s history, Hong Lim Park has served as a significant recreational area in Chinatown. Currently, it is still a perfect venue for countless community events.

The park, throughout the years, offers a cricket ground for the country’s Cricket Club and a well-known stage place for Chinese operas. This place is also considered the first outdoor venue where people are allowed to air their views without a police permit. They can do this anytime in public, with no hesitations and fear. Hong Lim Park is also modelled after Hyde Park in London.

Another best thing about the place is that it is loaded with high-class restaurants. Guests can truly enjoy the view while eating their favorite meals. They can also roam around the area and have fun together with their family and friends. Since the park is close to several exciting destinations in the country, everyone can freely roam around. They can also easily access several hotels and malls.


If you’re planning to visit HortPark, then you need to consider riding in Bus and MRT. Public transportation in reaching the place is always available. You can just take the nearest public transportation or transit station and directly proceed to HortPark. There are routes and lines which have stops within the place. So, rest assured that you’ll not get lost. But, if you want to make sure that you can easily find HortPark, then you may download an app guide to locate a specific place.

If you visit HortPark with your friends and use a private car, then looking for a safe place to park is another thing you need to consider. The good news is that you can easily find the ideal parking spaces within the vicinity of the park. In fact, there are some parking spaces that are free of charge. But some other parking spaces ask for parking fees. You may opt to park your car at Gillman Barracks (A & B), Fragrance Empire, Mapletree Business City, and many more! You can surely find the right spot for your car.

Well, if you have companions who are senior citizens and PWDs, then fret no more. It’s because the place is well-accommodating. HortPark welcomes all people who would like to visit the gardening hub. The park is accessible even if you have companions who rely on wheelchairs.