HortPark - The Gardening Hub

Would you like to visit a gardening resource spot in Singapore? Well, you may want to consider HortPark that can be found in the country. This gardening hub brings together the recreational, research, recreational, retail activities, and gardening-related activities under a huge shelter within the park setting. HotPark also serves as the heart of the knowledge of the country about gardening and plants. It is because it provides planting solutions and ideas, which offers platforms for the horticulture industry. Then, this industry shares the best procedures and showcases garden products, services, and designs.

Exploring the Best Things That You Can Do as You Stay at HortPark

You will not be disappointed and get bored while staying at HortPark. Kit is because there are numerous things which you can do with your friends, family, and loved ones. The place is filled with interactive facilities and offers to get along with visitors and guests. For you to completely enjoy the HortPark as the gardening hub in the country, then you may consider doing the following options:

  • Family fun – Your family will surely be happy and surprised with the stunning display of flowers that bloom. Aside from that, there are lots of remarkable garden features which incorporate the entire vicinity of the park. You and your children can explore the whole garden because of its vibrant colors, including the playground in the park.
  • Exercise – Since HortPark is filled with beautiful places, you can do some photoshoots in the Butterfly Garden. Some other locations like themed gardens are also perfect places for wedding photoshoots.
  • Gardening – HortPark also offers numerous types of gardening activities. If you want to be well-educated and enrich your knowledge about gardening, then attending some gardening workshops in the place is indeed a perfect option. You can also become a volunteer who works at HortPark to contribute to its greenery and the whole atmosphere.
  • Exercise – The park is a favorite place of all joggers and other people who would like to roam around during evenings and mornings. For them, this is a perfect place where they can do some routines and exercise because of the conducive atmosphere and better for relaxation.

You can opt to visit HortPark to explore the nature playground garden and different themed gardens. If you want some more interesting activities while staying here at HortPark, participating in workshops and guided tours are great. There are also some learning programs where you can join for you to become aware of gardening, which encourages you to appreciate the nature in the park.


If you’re planning to visit HortPark, then you need to consider riding in Bus and MRT. Public transportation in reaching the place is always available. You can just take the nearest public transportation or transit station and directly proceed to HortPark. There are routes and lines which have stops within the place. So, rest assured that you’ll not get lost. But, if you want to make sure that you can easily find HortPark, then you may download an app guide to locate a specific place.

If you visit HortPark with your friends and use a private car, then looking for a safe place to park is another thing you need to consider. The good news is that you can easily find the ideal parking spaces within the vicinity of the park. In fact, there are some parking spaces that are free of charge. But some other parking spaces ask for parking fees. You may opt to park your car at Gillman Barracks (A & B), Fragrance Empire, Mapletree Business City, and many more! You can surely find the right spot for your car.

Well, if you have companions who are senior citizens and PWDs, then fret no more. It’s because the place is well-accommodating. HortPark welcomes all people who would like to visit the gardening hub. The park is accessible even if you have companions who rely on wheelchairs.