Istana Park

There are lots of beautiful places to visit in Singapore. And one of these places is Istana Park. If you wish to visit Singapore, then consider Istana Park on your bucket list. For sure, you will enjoy the beautiful views and scenery of the place. If you want to explore the place when you’re on vacation, then feel free to spend your leisure time in this park.

In this article, you will learn more about the beauty and interesting facts about Istana Park. So, keep in touch on the succeeding discussions and be able to explore its tourist attractions, remarkable features, and how you can get there in the place.

Stunning Attractions at Istana Park

Istana Park is situated in the Museum Planning Area in the heart of the business district. This park is confined by Penang Road, Buyong Road, Penang Lane, and Orchard Road. Aside from that, Istana Park can be found at the Presidential Residence. It offers 13,000 sq. m. in terms of its area. Istana Park is said to be the gateway to the Civic District Trail of Singapore, aiming to educate the visitors and guests about the rich culture and history of the country.

You will never get bored if you stay within the vicinity of Istana Park. It is filled with attractive spots, conducive restaurants where you can dine in, and some entertainment like cultural and musical performances on the 1st Sunday of the month. When it comes to restaurants where you can eat some palatable foods, there’s the so-called “Giraffe Restaurant” within the park itself. The place is highly designed for all visitors and guests who would like to dine in. After dinner with your family and loved ones, you are also invited to join or participate in the performances and concerts there.

Another tourist attraction near Istana Park is Orchard Road. This prominent place is a shopping place in the country. Orchard Road is filled with several internationally known department stores, coffeehouses, and restaurants located in the vicinity.

Istana Park is lively since many people tend to gather in the place for relaxation. In fact, if you have a circle of friends or loved ones who would like to escape from the stress at work, then you may opt to visit Istana Park for good. The place will never disappoint you since it is a perfect place for everyone.


You can use a private vehicle if you want to visit Istana Park along with your family or friends. In this way, you can easily visit every attraction or place that you love most. It’s also interesting to know that the place is friendly to all its visitors. It is because there are lots of parking spaces in some designated corners at Istana Park. You can opt to rent a parking space there to ensure that you will not find it difficult to find a parking place for you.

To visit Istana Park, you can opt to ride a private car with your family. But if you’re planning to use the public means of transportation, then you can consider riding at the MRT, which can be found in Dhoby Ghaut Station. You may use a Google map on how to directly find the location if you want a handy guide for your vacation.

Visiting Istana Park is indeed a great option if you wish to be relaxed and feel extravagant with your loved ones. However, you need to make sure that you need to do the following:

  • Show consideration to other people there
  • Help conserve the environment by disposing of waste in the right place or by helping in the reduction of waste
  • Respect the “Flora and Fauna” of the place

Istana Park is one of the perfect places where you can visit Singapore. Don’t miss the opportunity to stand by in this area while exploring the best things about the place!