Japanese Cemetery Park

Cemetery parks are very common in all parts of the world. However, the Japanese Cemetery Park located in Singapore is mesmerizing with its hidden spots. If you wish to visit Japanese Cemetery Parks in Singapore, then you don’t need to worry about where to park your car. They have provided a space for your car and other vehicles.  

Japanese Cemetery Park Feature

What are the features of Japanese Cemetery Park?

It has cherry blossom archways.  It is a very popular spot at Japanese Cemetery Park. This floral archway is inspired by Japanese architectural design. Aside from its view, the place offered a peaceful atmosphere and served as the resting place for many Japanese who are residents in Singapore. This is not just a graveyard, for it offers an amazing view and a different feeling.

It has a history that many people do not know. Now is the time to learn about its history.  It was established in 1891, and there are three brothel keepers who sought permission from the government to have a cemetery for Japanese prostitutes who died in Singapore and have no resting place.  

The cemetery grew bigger, and the design was also improved. It has stone sculptures of Jizo, or they call it a Japanese deity. It also has a shrine to honor its soldiers during the Japanese occupation from 1942-1945. They have the tomb of the Commander of Japanese forces named Hisaichi Terauchi. It has lots of history regarding war and hardships.

If you wish to visit the Japanese Cemetery Park, then look at the whole place, for it offers more than what you expect. There are heritage trees in the surroundings which lived for many years, such as the rubber tree. Rubber trees are visible in the park, along with lychee trees.  You will also be amazed at Japanese statues around the park, which show divine beliefs, traditions, and a sense of calmness.


It is not just a park where the final resting place of dead people is located. As a visitor, you will feel its calmness and tranquility. Its history means a lot, and that is one reason why it appears to be unique and worth a visit.

The park has always gotten in touch with traditional beliefs. The eagerness to preserve its relics gave way to putting Japanese statues as part of their beliefs. They believed that it is important to always inculcate traditions and culture in their lives. Through these statues, you will feel calmness as you explore what the park can offer you.

The Japanese Cemetery Park has pink bougainvilleas placed as a rk on the walkway. They purposely use this plant as shade on the pathway. It is considered the most picturesque spot in the park.

For more details and information on Japanese Cemetery Park, just google it, and you will find lots of resources. Online, you will be familiar with the place, its features, history, and the likes. Just find time to read more about it.