Japanese Garden

Singapore has many amazing places to visit. If you are fond of hiking and walking, the Japanese Garden is a nice option for you to consider. Japanese Garden is located in Jurong East, Singapore, which covers 13.5 hectares of land.  

People who visit the Japanese Garden can feel the warm welcome of the place. When they enter the garden, they will be welcomed by the Floral Show Garden. It displays different floral tropical blooms.

Japanese Garden Feature

What Can be Found in Japanese Gardens?

A Japanese garden is not just an ordinary garden focusing on plants, landscaping, and the like. If you happen to go there, you will see its aquatic and floral gardens. The place features the topic colors. There is a section where you can see tropical flora. Another part of the mature trees includes Cycads that form the landscape in the Japanese Garden. These Cycads were planted by Empress Michiko and Japanese Emperor Akihito in the year 1970. There is also a bridge connecting the garden and the Jurong Lake District. The Japanese Garden includes a Japanese Teahouse and Pond, Multi-Purpose Hall, Floral Show Garden, Flowering Trees Collection, Resthouse with Moss and Fern Garden, South Entrance Pavilion, Terraced Water Gardens, and South Bridge.

How is the Japanese Garden layout designed?

Japanese gardens are designed considering a calm environment which creates a feeling of peace and tranquility.  The methods and styles used in lay-outing this garden came from the idea during Japan’s Muromachi period (1932-1568) and Azuchi-Momoyama times (1568-1615). It includes arched bridges, stone lanterns, houses, rest houses, and ponds taken from traditional concepts. This garden proudly represents the traditional Japanese garden culture and designs. For sure, you will enjoy the cultural beauty of the Japanese Garden.


The Japanese Garden welcomes everyone and provides services to all its visitors. Luckily, they consider those visitors with disabilities. Ride Connection offers transportation services. This is an organization that is non-profit and targets offering transportation services to people, including those with disabilities.

You can check out their site for the Calendar of Events. You can find one of the biggest events which they call the “Bazaar in the Garden.” This happens every 4th Saturday of the month. They also have other events such as an Online Biodiversity Tour, Online Children’s Storytelling and Crafts, Online Gardening, Online Growing of Grapes and Blackberries, and many more.

Advisories are very important, especially in getting updated with the happenings at the Japanese Garden. In their latest advisory, it gives updates on how to preserve gardens, parks, and nature. There are also advisories regarding COVID-19. Opening and closure of facilities in the garden were also given. If you want to know more about their upcoming events and activities, check their site and look for the latest advisory.