Jurong Central Park

Visiting a park is one of the best ways to relieve stress, reconnect with loved ones and nature, try new things, and more. Aside from offering unique services and offers, parks are known to be people-friendly. Here, we can eat, play, do picnics, or just lay on the grass and feel the calmness of the surrounding. There are also different stalls at parks that offer various products such as food, accessories, souvenirs, and a lot more.

Now, have you heard about Jurong Central Park? Did you know that this park is a must-visit? Well, if not yet, then this is the perfect time for you. Later on, we are going to discover how worth it this park is, as well as the ways to get there. Here are the following things to do in this park!

Jurong Central Park Feature

Play on Life-Sized Board Games

If you thought that this park is just like the typical one, then you’re wrong. Jurong Central Park is one of a kind since it offers unique and highly engaging activities in the park. One of those is the life-sized board game that became a visitor’s favorite. Here, the visitors are guaranteed all-day excitement and fun.  They can play with the dice towers, different play equipment, sculpted terrains, and the greenery. The best thing about this park is that it can make the visitors feel like they are completely back to being children. They can play, sweat out, laugh, and have fun as much as they can. This park just brings fun and excitement to another level.

Huge Snakes and Ladders

This park has a huge snakes and ladders board where the visitors are encouraged to play for the main highlight. It is associated with the Ludo Garden, which makes the park even more pleasing and accommodating. Any age can play in this life-size board game both the kids and adults. Another thing, there is a nearby aquatic plant intended for nature lovers, along with pond-thriving species such as dragonflies. 


Yes, Jurong Central Park is worth it. This park has a lot of amenities and services that can satisfy the fun needs of every visitor. With its life-size board games, for example, the kids and adults can have the best time of their lives. Another thing, going to this park isn’t too expensive, so it is budget-friendly.

Yes, this park is safe for kids since there are watchers on standby within the area. There is also security personnel who maintain the peace and order in this park.

No, Jurong Central Park can be easily located with the help of its nearby landmarks such as the SAFRA Clubhouse, Lake Gardens, Yunnan Park, and the MRT Station. These are the landmarks that surround Jurong Central Park so that it can be located right away.