Kent Ridge Park

Parks are essentials. It doesn’t only provide amusement or fun to the people, but also time and space to relax. Here, we can release our toxic experiences, breathe some fresh air in and out, reflect, and have other personal intentions.

History of Kent Ridge Park

Now, one of the best parks to try and visit in the world can be found in Singapore – the Kent Ridge Park. Have you visited this park before? If not, then you’re missing a good time in your life! Given that, here’s a sneak peek about this wonderful park that makes it world-class and truly worthy of time.

Here are the things to find and experience in this park!

Canopy Walk

If you are fond of walking through nature, hearing the birds sing out, and other wildlife species doing their thing, then this canopy walk is perfect for you. The length of this passage is about 0.3 km, and the exit takes you to the Reflection of Bukit Chandu- the park’s elegant museum.

The best thing about this canopy walk is that it allows you to breathe and reconnect with nature. With its secondary forest, you are guaranteed to be lighter, happier, and motivated to do more in life. Another thing, this passage is disabled-friendly. If you have a friend or colleague to walk with you down this canopy, then there is no problem with them being in a wheelchair since the passage is concrete and stable.

World War II Memorial Plaque

Another thing, this park has the World War II Memorial Plaque to honor the history of this park under WWII. It was erected in 1995 as the symbol for a commemoration of WWII’s 50th anniversary. If you are into history, then this place is perfect for you.

Park Connector Network

Next, this park has an effective and safe park connector network. This is essential, especially if the visitors are continuously coming by. Here, the visitors can utilize the interlinking network of park connectors, which allow easy parking. In this way, you can easily park and start having fun since the park’s breeze has been waiting for you.

Moreover, you can feel the cooling breeze of the park as long as you take its road map with different attractions and amenities. You can easily take a walk along the chilling roads, take a look both at the huge canals and picturesque rivers, and so many more. You can also try out roller skating since the road is clear, concrete, and safe to use.


Today, the Canopy Walk is still in the process of beautification. There will be additional lighting, setting, stalls, and security personnel to ensure its quality.

Yes, definitely! The kids are welcome and encouraged to enjoy themselves throughout the summer. This place is safe both for the kids and even adults.

  1. Is it worth my budget?

Yes, even though you don’t have much, the park still feels and appears to be beautiful. There is eve nostalgic photos of this park which made it blew up.