Ketam Mountain Bike Park

Are you fond of riding and doing exhibitions on a mountain bike while doing a stroll at the park? Then the Ketam Mountain Bike Park is the perfect one for you! Have you heard of or seen this park before? Well then, this is the perfect gift for you to do so. Let’s explore the Ketam Mountain Bike Park!

History of Ketam Mountain Bike Park

What to Know about Ketam Mountain Bike Park?

Ketam Mountain Bike Park is the first-ever bike park in Singapore that had successfully passed the world-class requirement for its intentions- to train and let bikers enjoy both trails and exhibitions. This park was built mainly for the bikers’ communities nearby the area or even from far-flung places. Here, the bikers can enjoy doing tricks and jump to surpass their past records. They can also take some time learning how to ride a bike for the first time in this park. Besides, this park has a lot of areas where beginner bikers can learn from. Another thing, there are separate areas both for bikers and not in this park. This is a way to prevent any collision from both groups that may destroy life and properties.

Moreover, Ketam Mountain Bike Park is truly world-class with its 45-ha features and 10-km long trails for mountain bikers. Thus, this park is able to hold both local and international competitions in biking.


A bike park will not be complete without the tracks where bikers need to pass by. Now, given that this park has international recognitions, every detail from the construction was flourished properly. Every inch of the build was checked. In this way, it can get pass through IMBA or the International Mountain Bicycling Association standards. Of course, it needs to have a consultation with SACA or the Singapore Amateur Cycling Association.

Here are further pieces of information to know about Ketam Mountain Bike Park!

IMBA has different ratings: White Circle, Blue Square, Black Diamond, Green Circle, and the Double Black Diamond. The easiest is the white circle while it’s the double black diamond as the competition from other towns. So, below are the IMBA ratings:

Blue Square- This is the trail of combination wherein steep slopes and narrow track with bad traction.
Black Diamond- This trail has a combination of tricky obstacles, drop-offs, and long step-climbs.

Double Black Diamond- This is the trail that gains lots of debates and revelations.


Shelters – This is usually given by the park personnel. You can also rent one if you want. However, the primary goal of Japan’s innovations is to save us from disaster and crime. One of those is their world-class shelters when on vacation.

Playgrounds- Although this is a park intended for the bikers, it still has its own playground for the children. In this way, the children won’t get bold new people comes to her house.


Yes, this park is nature-friendly as we always practice safety before riding the bike. Here, we aren’t just reconnecting with one another. We are also connecting with nature while admiring its prettiness.

This is a hard question, but I’ll answer it still. So, this bike park isn’t too much expensive. Bikers only pay a fee to enjoy other biking amenities to the best they can. Now, in this park, the money isn’t really needed. The expenses always refer to how well you manage the balance and do an egg brush.

Yes, definitely! Kids do like watching exhibitions and doing it too. In this park, the children are starting only to train and not for a game.