Kranji Marshes

Parks are considered as among the best places on Earth to unwind, bond with loved ones, make memories, and just have fun. Parks have different amenities and offer to suffice the needs and expectations of their visitors. It could be a playground for the kids, cafeterias, gardens, a mini zoo, and so much more. It can also include cinemas and shopping malls, which only make the park experience of the visitors much more memorable.  

History of Kranji Marshes

Moreover, there are already thousands of parks around the world. These parks are from different places to ensure that people are able to experience what a park looks and feels like. One of those is the Kranji Marshes. Have you heard about this park before? Well, you will today!  

Locating Kranji Marshes 

This park is located at Kranji Reservoir in Singapore. It can be located easily by visiting the reservoir and walking further to the south. It can be reached either through walking or riding a small vehicle since the platform is not concrete.  

Another thing, Kranji Marshes, is a park that is considered unique. It is due to the huge amount of nature included within its area. There are hundreds of trees, swamps, along with rich wildlife that can effectively release happy hormones to its visitors.  

Conservation of Nature Role 

Kranji Marshes is the product of a partnership between NParks and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). This park isn’t just an ordinary one, since it was built with a purpose and role for the community. Kranji Marshes, as a reservoir, helps conserve the biodiversity of communities in Singapore. It also helps to feed marsh birds that are regularly migrating and passing through these marshes. This is an excellent project that brings benefits both to humans and nature.  

Also, the marshes are being enhanced from time to time to ensure that they can sensitively meet the needs of their residents. For example, aquatic plants are beneficial to the birds for food and home.  

What to See in Kranji Marshes?

Kranji Marshes may not be filled with lots of park amenities like playgrounds and food stalls, yet it has a more important role, and that is to help preserve nature. As a result, the things you see in this park are not man-made but rather all from nature. Here are some: 

  • Black-browed Reed Warbler 
  • Lesser Whistling Duck 
  • Malayan Water Monitor 
  •  Red-wattled Lapwing

The most dominant species to be seen at this park are birds. This park is a favorite stop to rest, eat, and explore birds from other areas. Aside from that, the water also brings aquatic beings to life. The fishes, tadpoles, eels, and so much more make this park unique!  


As a reservoir, this park literally has bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects. However, it isn’t as abundant as expected since the birds are fed by these insects. There are also characters in the food chain that help eliminate bugs and other irritating insects in this park. Now, visitors are encouraged to bring with them bug repellant for more safety. But rest assured, the park has safety measures when it comes to this concern.  

Yes, but only a few. This park is a reservoir and, with that, only a few food stalls come by to offer their menus to the visitors. And so, the visitors are encouraged to pack their own food if they are going to last for a day in this park.  

No, this park is affordable in exchange for a calming scenery. There are no fancy materials, but rather the serene nature to recharge everyone.