Kranji Reservoir Park

If you are looking for a park that will allow you to enjoy both land and sea views, then the Labrador Nature Reserve is the one. This park was built at the edge of a forest with both vegetation and sea views. It is often referred to as the oasis of natural wonders and serenity. It has a thriving wildlife, perfect for those who love to stroll and take photos of nature. There are also instances wherein, as you walk down, the birds will start singing a rhythm you’ve never heard before. Two of these singing birds are the Black-naped Oriole and the Oriental Magpie-Robin. Not just birds, you can also happen to bump into trees where busy squirrels are making their own living.

History of Kranji Reservoir Park

A reservoir park has many benefits as it enhances the quality of habitat for both humans and animals. Now, Kranji Reservoir Park is only one among the thousands around the world. Given that, let’s explore this place and appreciate its help to nature.  

Kranji Reservoir Park is a unique park in Singapore. Its land area is about 56 hectares filled with freshwater marshland, trees, wildlife, and unique habitats. If we are going to compare the size, it is like a combined 60 football fields. Big, isn’t it? Also, this park has a wide range of animals and plants. We can spot grasslands, woodlands, fauna and flora fields, several bird species, dragonflies, and butterflies here.  

Kranji Reservoir Park doesn’t have as many park amenities as cities since it is a preservation area. Here, visitors aren’t allowed to touch anything in the park, especially those unfamiliar to them. The animals aren’t up to playing and feeding as there can be problems to face ahead. This park is mainly a place to preserve natural habitats and species to make its population rise. After all, the efforts exerted in this park will always bring benefits to humanity.  

Moreover, here are the following things to do in this park: 

  •  Spot Birds 

Birds in this park are abundant. There are over 100 species of birds found to be inhabiting this area for resting, migrating, feeding, and multiplying. Here, you can spot a red –wattled lapwing, Malayan water monitor, lesser whistling duck, and so many more.  

  • Butterflies and Dragonflies Watching 

Aside from the birds, this park is also abundant in red–wattled butterflies and dragonflies. And so, you can take a look at its habitat and watch how it performs for survival.  

  • Climb the Raptor Tower 

Lastly, you can climb up the Raptor Tower to experience a 360-degree view of the whole park. In this tower, you are going to find how big and green this park is, as well as its abundance of wildlife. You’ll be able to realize how amazing nature is!  


Yes, the park may not have hotels to sleep in, but camping is allowed. With that, you can only experience an overnight in this green park by bringing your own beddings and camp materials. The park also ensures that the camping is guarded and approved to prevent any concerns affecting the park and visitors from coming.  

Yes, this park isn’t ordinary nor fancy. It is unique and so a must-visit. Here, you can appreciate how beautiful nature is and how calming it is to rest below it. This park also encourages simplicity, and outdoor experiences for you can try out camping, bonfire, and so many more! Still, it must be supervised by park personnel.  

Yes, this park was built for everyone. Here, the kids aren’t only going to have fun, but they also learn a lot of things about nature preservation and wildlife.