Labrador Nature Reserve

If you are looking for a park that will allow you to enjoy both land and sea views, then the Labrador Nature Reserve is the one. This park was built at the edge of a forest with both vegetation and sea views. It is often referred to as the oasis of natural wonders and serenity. It has a thriving wildlife, perfect for those who love to stroll and take photos of nature. There are also instances wherein, as you walk down, the birds will start singing a rhythm you’ve never heard before. Two of these singing birds are the Black-naped Oriole and the Oriental Magpie-Robin. Not just birds, you can also happen to bump into trees where busy squirrels are making their own living.

History of Labrador Nature Reserve

Moreover, this park- the Labrador Nature Oasis comprises the Southern Ridges along with its nearby parks; Kent Ridge Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and the Faber Park.

Moving on, here are the following things to do when you visit this park:

  • Photo Shoots

If you are a photographer or fond of photography, then taking photoshoots in this park can be one of your best experiences. Here, you can take shots of the magnificent sceneries both on land or sea. You can take photos of the wildlife, trees, water bodies, cliff-side, and so many more. Also, don’t miss the opportunity of taking pictures of the White-bellied sea lions that come up regularly to greet visitors.

  • Barbecuing

Next, you can try cooking barbecues for your loved ones while enjoying the time and magnificent sceneries of this park. Unfortunately, this is not yet open due to COVID-19 risks.

  • Exercise

This park isn’t just for your eyes but also for your whole body. Here, you can try out the fitness equipment after hitting a huge plate of carbohydrates the other day. You can also take a walk around the park, which is good for your heart and legs. Just observe safety protocols while doing these exercises.

  • Bird Watching

Next, you can try the bird watching opportunity wherein you can get to witness different species of birds. This is the opportunity that will make you realize how little your knowledge is about birds. You can discover new species, as well as their habitat and food. This is great, especially if you have kids who are fond of nature and birds.

  • Fishing

Next, you can try fishing at the seawater body nearby. You only need to take your equipment and sat for a couple of minutes near the water, and you might have your biggest catch in life. You can also take your kids and other family members as this activity are fun and exciting!


Yes, the car parks are open daily from 7 AM to 7 PM. Despite the current situation, the park still ensures that the visitors will have a great time.

Unfortunately, Labrador Nature Reserve doesn’t allow any pet to be inside.

Yes, persons with disabilities and who are in a wheelchair are open in this park. The pathways are wide, concrete, and smooth making it easy for wheelchairs to be pushed.