Maplewood Park

Singapore is one of the richest and beautiful countries in Southeast Asia, making it the perfect destination for holiday vacations with loved ones, partners in life, and friends. Its rich traditions and culture, man-made marvels, architecture, modern art, throbbing nightlife, sky-kissing building, a wide range of tourist attractions, and most of all stunning parks, makes Singapore a must-visit place. When it comes to parks, one that you must include in your list is Maplewood Park.  

Maplewood Park Features

This park has many amenities and facilities ideal for different guests of all ages. It has big spaces for public activities that are held at its activity plaza or amphitheater. Other amazing attractions are as follows:

  • Ribbonscape

One of the best attractions you can find inside this park is the beautiful ribbonscape that serves as a play corner for kids and a resting area for parents or adults. The benches are colorful, and the swing is situated on top of the tiny hill with shrubs and trees in the background. 

  • Butterfly Themed Playground

This is also one of the best attractions inside the Marsiling Park, with climbing roped made in the form of a butterfly. This is ideal for kids between five and twelve. They will have a more thrilling time and challenging physical activity. It also has a playground made for kids aging two to five years old and has an array of play equipment such as interactive play as well as musical type equipment that brings the kids to wonder imagination.

  • Viewing Tower

The visit to Marsiling Park is not complete without visiting the viewing tower- a three-story tower that overlooks the amazing view of the Marsiling Park pond. This is situated at the far end part of the park that is along with the amphitheater.

  • Foot Bridge

You can take a stroll at the footbridge and also take pleasure in the remarkable sight of the Marsiling Pond. You can take a seat and relax at the shelter area as well as the pavilion nearby.

  • Boardwalk Area

You can also take a stroll in the boardwalk area and witness the different species of fish on the Marsiling Pond. You can sit and relax at the bench nearby while taking pleasure in the amazing scene of the pond.

  • Attend Different Events or Activities at Amphitheater

This park comes with an activity or amphitheater area that serves as an event area for musical plays and events, special activities inside the park. The park is thought to accommodate 250 persons that is perfect for holding an extensive array of events of community gatherings and performances.

  • Fitness Corners

This park has a fitness corner that offers basic full body exercise for many fitness enthusiasts. A lot of people continue to work out after a short run or jog inside the park.


Yes. Maplewood Park is a safe place to unwind, relax and bond with friends and family, most especially at night. In general, Singapore has a low crime rate.

Sad, this park doesn’t come with a public toilet as of now. But, but the administration is doing everything to provide for the needs of the visitors.

Maplewood Park is a free park and is open 24/7, so you can visit the place anytime you want.