Mount Emily Park, Singapore

Are you planning to spend your vacation in Singapore? Well, you made the right choice. Singapore is the best place to spend a holiday or vacation with friends and loved ones. There are many things to do and see in this place, but you must never forget to visit the parks. One of the best parks here in Singapore is Mount Emily Park.

Mount Emily Park, Singapore Features

There are lots of facilities or amenities Mount Emily Park offers to many visitors, such as:

At present, Mount Emily Park offers a green entertainment area with lots of old trees. It takes account of many tiers and is accessible from Mouth Emily Road and the Upper Wilkie Road can be linked to the Niven Road. Some of these amazing mature bushes are the very popular and rare Yellow Flame birthright tree that is over seventy years old.

Also, around the park, you will see some old and former mansions, which are a memento that the rich and affluent stayed or lived in this place. Families and children will be glad to discover a small playground inside the park. Here, kids can play while parents and adults can sit and relax on the nearby benches. There is also an old-style see-saw made of wood. This is one of the best attractions inside the park. These see-saws are still functional at this point.

The playground of Mount Emily Park is now comprised of sandpits with a simple play structure, which makes it kids friendly. Kids will surely have lots of fun inside the park.

There is no need to bring food for those going to Mount Emily Park as there is a food establishment near the area. You will be able to taste melancholy at the famous Old Chang Kee eatery. This is situated down the mount along the Niven Road, and there are coffee shops.


This is one of the smallest parks in Singapore, only covers 3.1 hectares. However, it boasts lots of features to keep you entertained.

This park is situated in District 9, along Istana and near to Little India as well as Bugis. It has a stand of old trees that serve to moderate the weather in a nearby area.

  • Local travel isn’t restricted at this point; however, some conditions or rules might apply, such as:
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory.
  • There’s a social distancing required of one meter.
  • Nationwide control measures in place
  • Follow COVID-19 safety rules