Mount Faber Park

Mount Faber Park that sits by the Southern Ridges is one of Singapore’s most popular and most visited parks. This is also one of the country’s oldest parks, where hundreds of families and tourists, locals, and international visit the place.

Mount Faber Park Features

At the utmost point of the park, you can witness remarkable panoramic scenery of the whole city- from viewing outwards towards Sentosa and an inland sight of the state and the skyscrapers. Thrill and excite the little ones by allowing them to look through the telescopes located at the lookout points and get a good sight of the southern islands and Singapore’s southern part.

  • Cable Car

To reach the top of the park, you might choose to walk or drive; however, taking the cable car is the quickest and exciting way to get to the park. This was opened in the year 1972 and connected the park to Sentosa via Harbourfront. It is highly recommended to head to Vivocity or Harbourfront and buy a round trip ticket on a cable car for the whole family to reach the park for a night out.

  • Nice Food in the Park

Mount Faber Park is not just about fun; you can also taste the best foods in Singapore. This is a trendy place with restaurants and bars providing some superb views. Or else, you can wait for the return trip to Vivocity and Harbourfront.

  • Happy Steps

Perhaps it is a rainbow-colored stair, or it will be the superb picture of the family outings or get-togethers with friends. Colorful and instagrammable, don’t forget to take a selfie or a family picture here.

  • With Baby Merlion

You might be astounded, but inside the park, you’ll find standing regally at the utmost point of the park, the small Merlin. Measure 3m tall height, mini Merlin is one of the official Merlion figurines officially acknowledge by the STB or Singaporean Tourism Board. This is also another spot to take some pictures.

  • Ring Poland’s Bell of Happiness

Get blessed with everlasting joy if the loved ones ring the Bell of Happiness as one. The initial bell was in 1909 and part of the Polish sailing vessel. It was moved to this place in 2012.

  • Hilltop Walk

Explore the park’s beauty by walking in the Henderson Waves, which is considered the tallest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. In the park, look out for the amazing Golden Bell Mansion that is Danish Seaman’s Church at present.


The park can be accessed easily from Telok Blangah Park on top of the Henderson Waves. There is a hill; however, it is not quite as steep as in the Harbourfront. When going to this place by car, there are free parking lots near the area. 

This is considered one of the biggest parks in Singapore, with a size of 56 hectares. 

Yes, there are lots of activities and facilities intended for kids. So, your kids will surely enjoy it.