National Orchid Garden

One of the best botanical gardens in Singapore is the National Orchid Garden which spreads over 3 hectares in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It is Singapore’s first UNESCO world heritage site. The National Orchid Garden boasts over 1,000 types of orchids and more than 2,000 hybrids of more species of orchids. Explore the four zones of the garden based on spectacular color spectrums, each showcasing the four seasons.

National Orchid Garden Features

More than three hectares of unique orchids set among magnificent gardens make up this wonder orchid garden. Ensure to bring your camera with you to take a selfie to some imaginable and rare colors.

There are more than 200 VIP orchids to see on your stroll in the garden. This was named after dignitaries who come to the place and other VIP people. See if you are able to see your preferred celebrity among the names.

Here you can find the best and one-of-a-kind orchids, like those you’ve never seen in the past. For sure, you will have a good time recognizing the names. One orchid has a name of dendrobium Margaret Thacher. The most popular is the distinctive design concept of the garden; orchids are sorted out base on color to meet the four seasons. Yellow and cream orchids represent spring, while red and pink represent summer. As a remarkable collection of white orchids form a portion of the winter display, red and purple grace the autumn.

Burkill Hall

Another prominent segment is the Burkill Hall – which once serves as the garden director’s residence. Vip garden is the focal point of the colonial-style structure, which boasts an amazing array of hybrid orchids named after renowned personalities, organizations, events, and occasions. These include dendrobium world peace dendrobium Jackie Chan, Paravanda Nelson Mandela, and a whole lot more.

Tan Hoom Siang Mist House

This is also one of the highlights of the garden, which boasts an amazing selection of perfumed orchids. Nearby is the popular Yuen Peng Mcneice Bromeliad collection, with approximately 1,000 species donated by Yuen-Peng Mcneice.  This is a glass structure cool house controlled by computer-operated chillers, which keep the temp way below the usual mugginess of Singapore. It serves as a place for more than 500 species of orchid- mostly are rare or endangered in the natural habitation.


The garden has limited capacity- during peak time, expect a waiting time of approximately one to two hours, and the last entry might be as early as four in the afternoon. Kids twelve years old and below are free of charge, while senior citizens are more than sixty years old, and the student's admission fee is sgd10. It is advisable to buy a ticket on arrival.

National Orchid Garden is open every day from Monday to Sunday from five in the morning to 12 midnight.

There is a guided tour available on the third Saturday of each month at nine in the morning, eleven in the morning, and four in the afternoon. You can register for a garden tour at the Nassim entrance.