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Singapore is one of the tourist-friendly and cleanest travel destinations in the whole Southeast Asia and is a melting pot of civilizing diversity. As the population is a multi-ethnic, guests from all walks of life have the opportunity to go to this place and take pleasure in the attractions list to the fullest. Whether it is entertainment-related attractions or those related to nature you are searching for, Singapore has so many things to offer. Singapore is a home to many parks, and one of the most popular ones is the One-North Park.

One-North Park Features

With different types of majestic Angsana and Ficus trees and wide areas of green and purple shrubs carpeting its rolling grounds, this amazing park welcomes guests and a lot of high-rise residences and offices in the area with an amazing kaleidoscope of colors.

Friends and families can work out, exercise, jog as well as a picnic at the wide-open grassland and plazas enclosed by peaceful greenery. You will also hear the calming sounds coming from the waterfall. One North Park has a playground for kids. Take pleasure in the beauty of this park from the hilltop plaza that is covered by big Ficus shrubs. The playground is the highlight of this park situated near Pepperoni at Chromos. Kids will surely love climbing structures, monkey bars as well as sound experimentation corners.

When you head to the upslope of the park, you will see some benches to sit down and relax, exercise corners, as well as NTU Alumni Club Building. This is ideal for joggers as well as children with scooters because of the hilly terrain.

Here you can also see the Saturn plaque- part of the solar system series discovered all over the island to liken distances in accordance to the spaces from the sun that is situated at the Singapore Science Center Eco Garden.

Situated near Solaris and Nexus structure is the Fusionpolis South. There is an elevated boardwalk here called the Forest Canopy Boardwalk. It’s approximately 150m long with a dual observation platform in which you can see squirrels, birds as well as other creatures among the different forest tiers. One-North Park is small for a short distance run. However, you might extend the distance by discovering the mountainous Biopolis cluster.

Nature Photography

An extensive array of interesting and rare birds like the Pink necked Green Pigeon and Long Tailed Parakeet has been spotted inside the park. You will never be disappointed once you visit the park and don’t forget to bring a camera with you. 


Yes. This place is ideal for avid cyclists, noob inline skaters, bird watchers, park bench bookworms as well as picnickers.

Yes. There are eateries few steps from the park if you feel thirsty or craving food.

No. You can visit the park any time and any day you want without spending any amount on a ticket.