Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin has stayed surprisingly rustic for a country like Singapore, where states of disarray and unorderliness need to be straightened. Alignment traces have seeped into the timble-built jetty, whitewashed guest centre, but the town has been left untouched.

Pulau Ubin is a preferred camping site for kids and those in uniformed groups such as the National Police Cade Corps.  There’s an Outward Bound School on the western side of the island, which makes it literally as well as figuratively out of bounds to all guests.  

Pulau Ubin Main Attractions

Check Jawa is the main attraction of this island. It used to be a swampy place, home of the wetlands’ community. However, the discovery roughly threatened its survival, and Singapore National Parks Board has stepped in to keep the wetlands’ community safe and sound. Hence, a boardwalk was made around the area, and anyone interested in visiting this place during low tide can book a tour guide with the National Parks.  

House No.1 is also a superb attraction. It is an unusual sight to be witnessed in Pulau Ubin. It’s an architect’s confusion as a chimney was made as part of the home. Singapore is hot all throughout the year, and we doubt the chimney has ever been utilized. Even if the house is an oddity, it is a perfect place to relax as well as oversee the blue sea and the mainland.  

  • Jejawi Tower

At the beginning of the Mangrove Loop, you will find the big Jejawi tree that is inspired by the name of the tower next to it. The tower has seven storeys and provides an amazing view of the forest and coastline.  

  • Fishing

This is a very common pastime in the area, and you will see fishermen doing different sports all over the island, either on the jetty, fishing off the sea or on the beaches, or close to the bridge in the mangrove area. The area is likewise rich in different types of fish such as threadfin, mangrove jack, barramundi, archers, including flatheads. You can fish in some places, but you can’t go fishing in the quarries.  

  • German Girl Shrine

This is also one of the best places to visit in Pulau Ubin and is considered one of the most renowned shrines- developed to remember a young girl who fell to death while fleeing when her loved ones were rounded up by the British Army in WW I. The island’s remaining residents still adhere to some traditions. You can go to this during Pek Kong Festival when the village is accentuated, and you can see lavish wayang performances on a traditional opera stage.  


  • Cash 
  • Sunblock 
  • Mosquito repellent 
  • Raincoat and folded umbrella 
  • Bikes
  • Drinking water 

It is highly recommended to head to Pulau Ubin in the morning when the temperature is cooler and since the bumboat schedule is not fixed.

There is no hotel or hostel in this area if you like to stay overnight. But, if you love outdoor camping, there are three campsites in this area that are worth considering. Camping is free, but you need to bring equipment.