Punggol Park

Made with the Family Leisure theme, Punggol Park has activities and facilities for everyone. With an active zone situated at the southern portion of the pond as well as a passive zone at the north, there’s something for young and old to take pleasure in.

Punggol Park Overview

Kids can play on the different play equipment, and families are able to engage in tai chi occurring at the plaza. There are shady trees that offer a cool, lush area for everyone to picnic under, while bike tracks enable avid bikers to take pleasure in a session of biking with friends.  There’s also something for anglers who can expect hooking their next catch at the fishing promenades situated about the five-hectare pond.

If you think the activities are much for you, choose to sit and relax at the outdoor dining area of the food establishment situated inside the park. If you are searching for a passive type of recreation, then the shady trail at the northern part of this park is an amazing place for a relaxed walk or to take pleasure in the peacefulness of the surroundings. Also, it’s a good pit stop for runners to rest or carry out some stretching prior to starting to jog.

There are water promenades in the park with sturdy benches to take pleasure in the views, and anglers are also welcome to carry out a spot fishing.

Inside the park is the Wild Oat café that serves drink and food, modern Singaporean local dishes with a twist.

You can also lease a bike from a kiosk situated at the corner, near Sungei Pinang. Many of the bicycles available are armed with baby seats; therefore, even those with small ones are able to take pleasure in a bit of a spin.

There is an inline skating lesson happening inside the park with zooming children by skate shop. The playground comes with many swings situated in the center of the park. There is always something for everyone, most especially kids or little ones. There’s also a foot reflexology footpath that heals aching feet. This is a perfect place for the elderly.

Benches are dotted all throughout the area, something for exhausted and tired guests.  There is also a vending machine with different drinks located close to the public toilets. There are two big pavilions with lots of benches perfect for large groups located in the center of the park. There’s a sculpture sin beckons guests to look for a harmony tower, and some steps away is a clock tower. See if you are able to see these amazing birds in the lake as you sit in the shade of the tree. This bird guide is able to teach you about what types of birds to look out for as well as their features and characteristics.


With a trail around the big pond, the park is a preferred among residents. While the 1.3-kilometer track is ideal for interval training, the shady trail is ideal for a leisure walk to take pleasure in the peacefulness of the surroundings.

No. Fishing is prohibited inside the park.

It is almost two kilometers, making it ideal for walking in the morning as well as in the evening when it is calming, breezy as well as quieter.