Punggol Point Park

Punggol Point Park represents rustic, idyllic as well as olden day Singapore. Drive to the end of the road, past where poultry farms used to exist, and you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view of the sea. Aside from calm blue waters, this coastal destination offers a host of thrilling attractions and activities.

Punggol Point Park Overview

Punggol Point Park is one of the best parks to visit if you want to unwind and relax with the whole family. Perch on top of the ship-like viewing deck on top of the jetty, and you will see the amazing bustling Johor’s Pasir Gudang. On the other side is the view of Coney Island and Pulau Ubin.

This spot is a renowned seafood haunt way back in the years 1980 and 1990. At this point, this remade jetty area is the entrance to the five-kilometer-long Punggol Promenade North Eastern Park Connector connecting Punggol Park in Hougang.  You can venture from Point Walk to the peaceful Nature Walk with rest stops and fishing points, as well as Riverside Walk with its cycling tracks and fitness stations.

There is also a Punggol Beach on the western part of the jetty. It is the place where 4000 Chinese people were killed as part of the Sook Ching Massacre that occurred on the 28th of February 1942 during WW2. The area was marked as the country’s national heritage. This is a perfect place to share to the kids. Punggol Jetty is also used for Outward Bound Training.

On the eastern portion of the area is the location of the two big elevated brown rimmed barriers. There are two big pods filled with amazing and stunning water lilies. Here you will see dragonflies, tortoises, and many freshwater fish. Fishing is not allowed in the area.

Sand-filled Playground

There aren’t many sand-filled playgrounds in the city, and one of them is located inside the park. There are also ole swings installed as well as other fun playground structures to keep kids entertained. There is also a thrilling cowboy town ranch that is about to burst onto the scene. When approvals have been acquired, the ranch operated by Gallop Stables will be the center for many amazing and thrilling activities: horse riding. So, if you love doing this activity, then you should definitely go to this place.

Punggol Settlement

This is also an amazing location that can be found inside the park. This is a place where you can find many restaurants and eateries that offers diverse kinds of foods and meals.

The Wagon

To complete your whole cowboy experience, you and your friends can stay in the Wagon. There are thirty of these wagon-shaped cabins inside the ranch that caters to families and corporate with each big enough to hold up to four persons as well as hold en suite bathroom.

You can BBQ the evening away or take pleasure in some delicious foods at the F&B outlet in Punggol Ranch. Expect to pay $150 at night at The Wagon, and this will be the city’s newest chalet-like lodging with a horsey difference.


Yes. This park is free for everyone who wants to unwind and relax.

Yes. Inside the park are lots of facilities you and your family can take pleasure in. However, there are also other things you can do and see outside the park.

Punggol Point Park, previously recognized as Punggol Point, is situated in Punggol, the northeast portion of Singapore.