Raffles Place Park

With its manmade and natural marvels, Singapore stands out as the most attractive tourist attraction on the world map. This country is rich or abundant in culture. It is traditions, a beautiful environment, historically vital buildings, sky-scrapers of contemporary times, busy shopping malls, unforgettable gardens, a nightlife that goes on and on, etc.  It is the ideal place to visit along with friends and loved ones. Singapore is a place of the most popular parks, and one of these is Raffles Place Park. Keep on reading to get more information about this amazing park.

Raffles Place Park Overview

Renowned as Commercial Square before its renaming in the year 1858, Raffles Place Park was and continues to be in the middle of the thriving commercial district in business district Singapore. The centre of this bustling region was commonly called Raffle Square that served as an open-air car park from the year 1920 up to the year 1965 when an underground facility was erected on the site by the PWD or Public Works Department.

This action freed up the surface to be changed into a verdant and green landscaped park with flowers, shrubs, trees as well as two ornamental fountains situated on opposite corners of the land. During the nighttime, the park turns into a magical place as it was lit by lamps as well as the lights that come from the nearby structures.

Between the years 1972 through1973, further development works were done to beautify the area that had now become a haven for pedestrians after the government barred or excluded vehicular traffic from the area during the day. The major entrance to the Raffles Place Mass Rapid Transit train station is located at the site at this point.

There are some benches installed inside the parks where you can sit and relax while gazing at your kids enjoys playing in the green lush. There is also a fountain inside the park where you can take a selfie. There are also seesaws installed for kids and adults alike. This is an eco-friendly park as almost every corner you will see a trash bin. Even if this park is lacking some of the best and common facilities usually found in big parks, Raffles Place Park is perfect if you want to unwind, be alone searching for yourself, or just want to be away from stress and pressure.

Rest on the platforms, which surround this amazing park, and people watch as you emerge in this haven of greenery nestled in the iconic city landscape of Singapore



Yes. It is found by Collyer Quay and Battery Road, and you can access this from D’ Almeida Street.

This is a 0.6-hectare park located in Singapore. It is located in the central business district, having exhaustive pedestrian traffic with commercial structures situated on both corners. A lot of working subjects and experts around the place goes the park.

Here are some things to expect inside this park:

  • Stone Benches
  • Fitness
  • Dog Parking
  • Grassy Fields
  • Slides
  • Jogging
  • Event Conducting
  • Playgrounds
  • Biking Rides, Open Space
  • Swings
  • Picnic Areas, Volleyball, and Walking Trails