Sembawang Park

Along with the contemporary face of Singapore, one has lots of choices to explore the island. One of the choices is to visit its parks. You can stay in any hotel in Singapore; all the hotels on the island provide fast and straightforward access to different means of transportation. Utilizing these means you can easily reach any of the parks on the island. One park that you shouldn’t fail to visit is Sembawang Park.

Sembawang Park Overview and Features

With regards to parks, some of your flock straight to the very popular or pop by your local neighborhood park from time to time. If you reside in ulu North, you may not have even heard of Sembawang Park, particularly since a journey here would be similar to hauling yourself to Johor Bahru. However, with lots of things to do, from fishing and BBQs to exploring historical landmarks, below are the things you can expect from this park.

  • Work Out Inside the Park

If exercising is a vital part of your day, most especially the weekend, get your friends and loved ones down for a run around the park to spend quality time together.

  • Picnic

After clocking in the exercise fix, have a swim in the blue sea, with amazing views of the Johor Straight, or simply chill and have a picnic by the beach at any of the picnic tables around. Toilets are armed with shower facilities aplenty, so you’ll bring home memorable memories and none of which wet sand.

  • BBQ Pits

Situated near the picnic tables are barbeque pits- one of the main hotspots of beachgoers for weekend hangouts. Always bear in mind that BBQ activities must be halted by 10:30 in the evening and ensure to keep to the eight people limit.

  • Sembawang Jetty

To many, fishing is the most excellent break from the hustle and grind of modern lives. Are you a fishing buff? If so, head straight to the amazing Sembawang Jetty. This is a very popular spot inside the park to cast lines and see what you are able to pull up.

This was developed in the year 1940 by the British and deserted during the Japanese occupation. Also, you can check out the remains of the Seletar Pier, which was bombed during WWII by the Japanese troops, right at the end of the Sembawang Road.

  • In House Dog Run

Dog owners know the drill; you do not just head outdoor without bringing your furry friend along. This park is Lagi best as it comes with an in-hour dog run, so your four-legged friend will have a place to mingle around with canine friends.

  • Battleship Playground

The battleship playground inside this park is roomy enough to allow your little ones to play around. This is a maritime-inspired playground that has a battleship-built structure as the main attraction. Kids can climb on ropes, play on the big round swing, and run around the labyrinth of the ship.

  • Beaulieu House

Unobtrusively tucked away inside the park is a historical landmark that represents a part of history. The quiet and rustic house was erected way back in 1910 and is now a seaside restaurant that serves an array of western foods.


This park is situated in the northern portion of Singapore, at the end of Semabawang Road.

Yes. Sembawang Park is open 24 hours, making it accessible at any time you plan to visit.

Is the park suitable for a night run?

No. This park doesn’t allow a nighttime run.