Sengkang Sculpture Park

If you are looking for unique art amid the heartlands, the Sengkang Sculpture Park is definitely worth the visit. The park can be easily identified through its various interesting sculptures that were specially created for park-goers to interact with spaces and arts. In the park, you will find colorful spheres and a beautiful patch of grass designed to represent ocean waves in the shape of the bones of a whale. You can come to the park for free and enjoy lots of fun activities here.  

Sengkang Riverside Overview and Features

The Sengkang Sculpture Park shows off its amazing marine and fishing village theme and is noted for the role it played in introducing arts in the park. The park was divided into two parts wherein one part is bigger than the other. If you want to enjoy arts in the neighborhood or you simply want to go for a walk and unwind, this park is the best place to be.

Walking and strolling in this park allow you to enjoy the following features:

  • Rotating Fish Motiff Panels

These panels are movable, so park users can manipulate these sculptures to any composition they desire.

  • The Waves Sculptures

These sculptures recollecting the marine and fishing village theme are a metaphor for the sea waves. Guests and tourists can stroll within the waves nestled on a heaving surface of calm and beautiful carpet grass. What makes these sculptures more unique is that these change in forms from every angle.

  • Bubbles Ball Sculptures

These colorful textured ball scriptures are also positioned within the Sengkang Sculpture Park. The “Bubbles” were created as lively visual treats, and these also allow park users and goers to interact with them by sitting, lazing around, or climbing.

  • Outdoor Refreshment Area

The park ends in front of an outdoor refreshment area with a cascading plaza. This provides refreshments to all those visiting the park.

  • Kids’ Playground

Those who are looking for a kids’ playground can find two at this park. The first one is located in the main area, and the other one is at the park’s other section. Then kids can fully enjoy the structures in the playground, the see-saw at the park, and the climbing walls.

  • Fitness Equipment

There are also pieces of equipment at Sengkang Sculpture Park that everyone can use and enjoy.

  • Footpaths

The park offers not just big playgrounds but also footpaths where park-goers can jog around.

The Sengkang Sculpture Park was designed to give park users greater opportunity to interact with the spaces and sculptures created. These are factors that can turn experiences of both young and old park users into more personalized ones. Aside from walking around, the park can also be used for other activities such as aerobics, dancing, and more.


This is a 24,000-square meter park packed with beautiful sculptures and designs to impress.

Aside from the sculptures, are there other features, and facilities park goers can enjoy?

Anyone can actually come to Sengkang Sculpture Park. There are lots of exciting things and activities happening here more often.