Singapore Botanic Gardens

For nature and plant lovers or those who simply love some good and fun time outdoors, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a must-see spot. This is one of the oldest yet most mesmerizing gardens in Singapore and a real treasure trove to all plant lovers out there.

Aside from being a great spot for plant lovers, Singapore Botanic Gardens is also a favorite venue for dining, jogging, walking while enjoying the scenic view, and other recreation activities. The garden is also an ideal place to jog or have a relaxing picnic with friends, family, and pets.

Park Features

The amazing features of this park are one of the reasons why it captivated the interest and attention of many park-goers, both young and old. Its most highlighted features include the following:

  • The National Orchid Garden

This boasts the largest orchid display in the world. This is the major attraction within the Singapore Botanic Gardens situated in the mid-western part. This 3-hectare hilly site is composed of over 2000 hybrid orchids and 1000 different species.

  • SBG Heritage Museum

The heritage museum features multimedia and interactive panels and exhibits detailing the rich heritage of the garden. Singapore Botanic Gardens also has a green gallery displaying botanical-related exhibits.

  • Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

The kids will surely have a blast here. They can play and can also learn more about plant life. Cafes and restaurants are ready to serve and satisfy hungry and thirsty visitors after a tiring day outside.  Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden also features its visitor center. There are treehouses with slides and a maze, a small playground, and a play area too.

  • Tropical Rainforest and Plants

A small tropical rainforest can also be found in Singapore Botanic Gardens, which is about 6 hectares in size and older than the botanic garden itself. The rainforest and its cousin Bukit Timah Nature Reserve are situated within the city limits.

Tropical plants can be seen at the Saraca Stream as these meanders down the small hill. The stream walk’s main highlights are Red Saraca, Yellow Saraca trees, and more. Other beautiful attractions include Sun Garden, Bandstand area, Sundial Garden, and Palm Valley.


The garden is open every day from 5 am to midnight, and you can explore the place for free. You can check out their official website for more information.

The garden is known to feature the largest orchid display in the world. The Unesco World Heritage Site also marked this as a place of physical and cultural importance.

Your attire must be comfortable and suited for the season. Most botanical gardens are open all year round. You must also wear comfortable and low-heeled shoes for hiking and walking.