Sisters’ Island Marine Park

Singapore is home to hidden gems, and Sisters’ Island Marine Park is one of these. This 400,000 square meters marine park allows tourists and travelers to experience the amazing marine life within the region through dive trails and guided walks. This park is also believed to protect the coral reefs of Singapore and support the marine ecosystem inhabited by endangered and rare species.

There are two islands at the Sisters’ Island Marine Park; the Big Sister’s Island or Pulau Subar Laut and the Small Sister’s Island or Pulau Subar Darat. Only Big Sister’s Island is open to the public because the Small Sister’s island is being used for conservation and research to promote habitat enhancement and species recovery.

Park Features

The unique features of the Sisters’ Island Marine Park make this one of the most recommended places in Singapore. The most highlighted features of this marine park are as follows:

  • Variety of marine life

The variety of marine life found in this marine park include soft and hard corals and sea anemones. The island also houses local long-tailed macague. Sponges and colonies of corals were also relocated to the park from Pulau Semakau.

  • Dive Trails

The park features two dive trails as part of Marine Conversation Action to enhance and protect biodiversity and marine heritage in the area. The two trails are situated in different depths; the Shallow Dive Trail, where the divers can see sea anemones and giant clams. The Deep Dive Trail features rocky, silty habitats and coral rubble at around 10-16 meters deep. The divers can see sea stars and sea fans, and Neptune’s Cup Sponge. There are signboards underwater located in every dive trail providing information about the area’s marine biodiversity.

  • Guided Walks

Free guided walks are provided at intertidal and low tides areas of the Sisters’ Island Marine Park. This allows the marine life to be seen that’s often submerged under the water. There are nature guides ready to assist and bring visitors and tourists on an amazing tour experience. At least 45 individuals can join every guided walk tour. These guided walks are limited to the island’s shores.

  • Sisters’ Island Marine Park Public Gallery

This 320 square-foot public gallery features a teaching lab and seminar rooms where teaching activities, seminars, and talks can be done at the marine park.


People can go swimming, snorkeling, diving and enjoy a picnic or simply take a walk or stroll around. However, fishing and overnight stays on the island are not allowed. People are also prohibited from collecting corals.

Nature trails for hiking, snorkeling, sea creatures, and more awaits you in the tranquil and beautiful Sisters’ Island Marine Park. These are just a few of the many good reasons visiting the marine park is all worth it.

The best ways to experience the marine park are kayaking, boat rides, and watching the view of the sunset.