Sun Plaza Park

If you’re familiar with Tampines, you probably know that its name was derived from Tempinis trees or the ironwood trees in Malay that once fully occupy the Tampines area. This area was full of trees before. That’s why this was also called the residential Orchard Road in Singapore. Being a spot packed with trees, Tampines provides a selection of outdoor parks, and Sun Plaza Park is one of them.

Sun Plaza Park is a brilliant public park in Tampines. The park is also popularly known as a good meeting place for social and cultural interactions. This wonderful park provides an array of activities giving families and visitors long hours of fun.

This public park is known for its talking tubes, organic texture walk, textured walls, recessed symbols, and wordings, entry signs, sliding beads, and more. Sun Plaza Park has a lush green spot for those who want to work out. This park never fails to provide park goers with many exciting features.

Park Features

The unique and impressive features of Sun Plaza Park are factors that make the park worth visiting. These highlighted park features are:

  • Sense Discovery Garden

This is one of the notable highlights of Sun Plaza Park. The Sense Discovery Garden is comprised of ten stations that engage the senses. This is also considered an interactive and exciting play spot for children and families.

  • Woodball Course

Sports lovers and enthusiasts can showcase their skills at the Woodball Course, and Beach Ball Court found in Sun Plaza Park. The Woodball Course is composed of 12 fairways built to conform with globally accepted standards.

  • Footpaths

The park is ideal for people who want to get some exercise. The footpaths offer an easy course for people who are out for some fresh air.

  • Amphitheatre

Park-goers and visitors can also enjoy exhibitions, performances, outdoor concerts, and other group or family functions at the Sun Plaza Park Amphitheatre. With enough space to accommodate large crowds, seating areas, and a stage, this is a perfect place for cultural activities.


The Tampines Eco Green is just close by. This green space allows enjoying nature at the edge of the Tampines housing estate. At the back is the amphitheater that serves as a stage for gatherings and community events. Also close by is a kid’s playground that includes equipment like climbing obstacles and swings.  

Sun Plaza Park is safe for kids. This has a family-friendly environment. A children’s playground is located near some housing apartment blocks.

You can get to the park by bus. There are bus lines that stop near the Tampines Sun Plaza Park. These include Bus Lines 298, 27, 23, 168, 15, and 129.