Tampines Eco Green

Are you looking for a nature lover’s delight? The Tampines Eco Green is a perfect destination for you. This 36.5-hectare eco-friendly park is home to a biodiversity wealth with freshwater wetlands, grasslands, and rainforest.

Tampines Eco Green is built with minimal intrusion, so most land is in its original state and left untouched. The park is famous for hiking and walking trails. It offers a forest trail and a marsh trail that is not concrete or gravel but grass. The park is also a perfect place to jog or have a picnic with your loved ones.

Tampines Eco Green Features

Tampines Eco Green is located on Tampines Avenue 9 and offers a breathtaking sanctuary of fauna and flora. The park is a perfect place for relaxation and nature recreation. With many natural habitats like a secondary rainforest, freshwater wetlands, and open grasslands, it is an excellent epitome of biodiversity and a haven to enjoy the best of nature.

What makes Tampines Eco Green incredibly unique is that the park structures are made from recyclable materials. Everything in this park is environmentally friendly, from signage to shelters. The toilets utilize wood shaving and bacteria to turn human waste into compost rather than using water-processing chemicals and extensive piping.

The park offers plenty of things to do with your friends and families or even you want to enjoy nature alone. The park features are among the reasons why many people want to visit this eco-friendly destination, including:

The Diversity Trail

The park has three beginner-friendly walking trails, and one of them is the Diversity Trail. This Manila grass-carpeted trail is about 1.2 km. You can see thin, tall trees on both sides. Besides the towering trees, you will also enjoy the gorgeous view of the lakes once to reach the middle of the trail.

As you explore the trail, you will find a variety of birds and dragonflies. For instance, you can catch a glimpse of the Purple Heron and Sea Eagle.

The Marsh Trail 

The Marsh Trail is considered the shortest one among the three trails in Tampines Eco Green. It is approximately 0.8 km in length. Exploring the trail takes you past marshes. You will also find some natural canals designed to drain excess groundwater during rainy seasons.

The Forest Trail

The park has a perfect place to escape sweltering heat: the Forest Trail. This 1-km trail lets you cool yourself down and enjoy the views of tall, leafy trees along the way. You will also spot beautiful butterflies, such as Common Grass Yellow and Blue Pansy, flying around the area.


No. Admission is free when visiting the park. It is one of the favorites destinations for family gatherings, picnics, and other outdoor activities.

After you visit the park, you can also enjoy nearby attractions, such as Sun Plaza Park, Paris Ris Town Park, Our Tampines Hub OTH, and Water Melon Playground.

At the junction of Marsh Trail and Diversity Trail, you will find the Bird Hide. It is a branches and twigs mishmash that lets you see the 75 recorded bird species. The snags or dead trees serve as the birds’ nesting sites.