Tanjong Pagar Park

If you are looking for a perfect place to jog, take a stroll, or cycle, exploring Tanjong Pagar Park is an excellent decision. The par provides easy access to expanding network of islandwide park connectors and green spaces in Singapore, making work-life balance a reality.

Tanjong Pagar Park is about 150,000 sq ft and features rooftop gardens and a green lawn. This urban park also offers a vast open space sheltered by a sturdy glass canopy, making it an ideal spot for lifestyle and recreational events. 

Exploring this urban park lets you experience a generous and relaxing touch of green. Do not forget to invite your friends and families.

Tanjong Pagar Park Features

Tanjong Pagar Park is an ideal spot to witness beautifully landscaped gardens in the heart of the city. The urban park lets you take a break from work, find tranquility, and unwind from the hustle and bustle.

Tanjong Pagar is a Malay term, which means” cape of stakes,” reflecting the coastal fishing village origins. During the 19th century, it was the entry point to Singapore, where traders arrive at the East and West crossroads either by rail or sea.

Today, Tanjong Pagar Park connects the community to the district’s past, present, and future. If you are east to explore the park, below are the park features you should know:

City Room 

One of the highlights of Tanjong Pagar Park is the City Room. It is a vibrant public environment dedicated to outdoor performances and special events. It is also a destination dining hot spot. It acts as a meeting place for those who work and live in the vicinity.

Tree Plaza Water Feature 

The Tree Plaza is designed to provide a exquisite expression of place, sculpture, memory, and social heart. It is inspired by the district’s origins, perfectly expressed through sculptural water and wave formation. 

This park feature intends to incorporate the existing trees originally where there are. You will see a three-layer structure providing a free space buffer around the trunk and roots of each tree. As you take a look above, you will find a perforated metal gray. Then, the topmost layer is consists of a cantilevered planting bed.

Green Spaces

Tanjong Pagar Park is a critical part of a broad green corridor. This park continues a chain of green spaces weaving through the downtown, from Pearl’s Hill City Park to the Marine Bay area. Besides the existing mature tree preservation, a green corridor link, a nature plaza, and native plants encourage wildlife in the city.


The City Room is about 30,000 sq ft, and the capacity is approximately 2000 people at a time.

The urban park is where you can enjoy a wide range of activities, including artisanal markets, fitness workouts, cultural events, music performances, and more. It is an excellent place for residents, workers, and travelers to engage and connect any time of the week.

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