Toa Payoh Town Park

You work hard on your busy schedule, so you deserve to unwind with your loved ones. If you’re looking for a relaxing place to spend quality time with your family or friends, Toa Payoh Town Park can be the best destination.

It has many features that can make your visit fun and memorable. With the gorgeous scenic neighborhood park, you can breathe fresh air and appreciate the beauty of nature. The park is a famous venue for wedding photography way back in the 1970s. It is situated at the junction of Lorong 2 Toa Payoh and Lorong 6 Toa Payoh.

Toa Payoh Town Park allows you to spend time with nature. With this, you can reduce stress and take a break from your stressful and hectic world.

Toa Payoh Town Park Features

Visiting Toa Payoh Town Park can be a wonderful and relaxing experience. The park has a lot to offer to satisfy the visitors. With the 4.8 hectares park, you can enjoy many activities. 

Large pavilion 

Toa Payoh Town Park features a large pavilion making it an ideal place for gatherings. It can be a good place to gather with your family and friends for recreation. It is also good for hosting events and celebrating special occasions. 

Rustic-looking gazebos 

You can comfortably stay at the rustic-looking gazebos in the park. There’s no need to worry because Toa Payoh Town Park is equipped with the best amenities like open-concept restrooms. You can have a hassle-free stay in the park. 

Landscaped pond 

While sitting at the gazebos under the willow trees, you can admire the landscaped pond. You can be amazed by the fountain pool around the observation tower. It is a home to tortoises and fish. It is also a refreshing experience to see the trellises with climbing plants. 

Brightly colored pathways 

You can jog around the Toa Payoh Town Park on their brightly colored pathways. You can also take a walk around the park and have a meaningful conversation with your family or special someone. 

Landmark tower

Another feature of the Toa Payoh Town Park is the landmark tower. It is a famous landmark, also called the observation tower. Standing 27 meters tall, you can go to the top of the tower for panoramic views of the surrounding area. You can see a fountain pool at the foot of the observation tower. 


Yes, Toa Payoh Town Park is open at night. In fact, they have park lighting hours from 7 pm to 7 am. 

Yes, you can enjoy jogging, walking or running at night in the Toa Payoh Town Park. If you want to achieve your fitness goals, the park has a jogging track. Aside from night runs, you can enjoy jogging during the day. The park has enough shading from its vegetation. 

Toa Payoh Town Park is among the must-visit parks in Singapore. With its features and amenities, you can have a memorable stay at the park. It can be the best destination if you want a glimpse of the beauty of nature while attaining tranquility. It is worth visiting because you can spend quality time with your loved ones and enjoy different activities in the park.