Upper Peirce Reservoir Park

If you want to relax and take a rest, one way to do this is to visit the Upper Peirce Reservoir Park. It is a tranquil park close to the Upper Peirce Reservoir. With the Lower Peirce Reservoir, MacRitchie Reservoir, and Upper Seletar Reservoir, this reservoir bound the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

The nature reserve serves as the water catchment for these reservoirs. The 5 hectares of Upper Peirce Reservoir Park can be an ideal place to unwind and treat yourself during your free time. It is located along the Old Upper Thomson Road. You can enjoy your stay in the park even at night. The park’s lighting hours start 7 pm to 7 am.

If you want to have a nature trail, the Upper Peirce Reservoir Park is the perfect option. You can enjoy yourself with your loved ones or alone with the beautiful scenery that it offers.

Upper Peirce Reservoir Park Features

The Upper Peirce Reservoir Park has many features to satisfy you during your stay. 

Higher dam 

In the park, you can see a higher dam called the Upper Peirce Reservoir. It was finished way back in 1975 and was officially launched by the late Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. The dam slopes down, connecting the Lower Pierce Reservoir Park. Kids play on these slopes with cardboard to slide down. 

Shelter areas 

The Upper Peirce Reservoir Park also has shelter areas where you can take a break. You can sit on the bench and admire the beautiful surroundings in the park. If you want to enjoy a picnic with your loved ones, this is the best area. 


The main attraction of the park is its reservoir. It has fantastic scenic views, especially during sunrise and sunset. The reservoir is quiet and pristine, making it the best place to experience peace of mind and tranquility. 


The Upper Peirce Reservoir Park is best for those who want to relax and reduce stress. It is also perfect to family and friends to have quality time with each other. The park is also a good destination for meditation. It can be a good place for internal relaxation for the mind and body.

The park is also a beautiful place for joggers and cyclists. Thus, you can feel the fresh air as you walk along with the shaded trees. The children can also enjoy on the playground, while adults are exercising. 

Even though the Upper Peirce Reservoir Park is relatively isolated, your time and effort in visiting the destination are worth it. It can be an ideal place to relax your mind and body alone or with your family and friends. It has many features that you will surely enjoy.