War Memorial Park

You work hard each day, so you deserve to relax in a peaceful and tranquil place. If you plan to unwind with your family, the War Memorial Park can be the best destination. It is bounded by Nicoll Highway, Beach Road, Stamford Road, and Bras Basah Road. 

The 1.4 hectares park can offer the relaxation you need. You can also learn about the history of the place. The park lighting hours start around 7 pm to 7 am. It is near Fort Canning Par and Esplanade Park. Meanwhile, it is advised to show respect for the monument in the park and what it signifies.

The War Memorial, also referred to as “The Chopsticks,” was officially established way back in 1967. There is a 61-meter tall memorial with four columns representing every four races at the base to represent the unity of all races. Memorial services are conducted yearly at the War Memorial Park on February 15. Visiting the park is a good investment for your time. 

War Memorial Park Features

The War Memorial Park can provide you with a tranquil setting that will help you relax. In addition, you can also learn the history of the area. 

Civilian War Memorial 

The Civilian War Memorial stands about 61 meters high. It was made to honor the death of Singaporean civilians during the war. The four columns of the memorial signify the country’s  four main ethnic groups, namely Indian, Malay, Eurasian, and Chinese, who shared similar war experiences and united as one. It is designed by Singaporean architect Leong Swee Lim. 


The War Memorial Park also features a pond. You can take a walk and have a meaningful conversation with your loved ones. It can provide you with a beautiful and calm setting where you can take a rest. 


If you want to attain peace of mind and relaxation, visiting the War Memorial Park is a good decision. You can appreciate the beauty of nature while breathing fresh air. The park is among the famous sightseeing venue in the area. It has Gnetum gnemon (Melinjo) trees at the open lawns that covers the walkway that leads to the memorial. It starts from the park’s four corners. If you’re a nature lover, visiting the park will not fail you. 


It is a good idea to visit the War Memorial Park because of its tranquil setting. You can feel serenity because the park has beautiful greenery that allows you to experience relaxation with nature. In addition to the gorgeous scenery, the War Memorial Park will educate you about the history of Singapore. They have the famous four pillars that represent the event during the war. 

You can enjoy sightseeing at the War Memorial Park. It is also a good place to meditate. The park is a good destination to reduce stress and take a break from your busy world. Whether you visit it alone or with your friends and family, you can have a relaxing and memorable experience. 

As you visit the War Memorial Park, you should show respect for the monuments and what they signify. Thus, it is part of their culture and history. The four-pillar at the park symbolizes the people who fight for the country during the war. Make sure not to get so loud while viewing the monuments at the park.