Waterboat House Garden

Are you looking for a great place to unwind and spend quality time with your loved ones? Then, you can opt for Waterboat House Garden. It is rather a smaller park situated near Singapore River’s mouth, which is also near the Central Business District. Waterboat House Garden is the Merlion Park’s initial site that has two iconic sculptures of the Merlion as well as its famous miniature form.

The area of the former Merlion Park was renamed Waterboat House Garden. It is named after the historical building Waterboat House, which was built way back in 1919. With the statues and monuments, you can discover the history of the place. 

If you want a historical park where you can relax and experience serenity, the Waterboat House Garden is the best choice. You can walk with your loved ones while feeling the fresh air. You can also have a meaningful conversation with your friends or family. 

Waterboat House Garden Features

The Waterboat House Garden has wonderful features that can make your visit memorable and satisfying. 

Merlion statue

The Waterboat House Garden features the Merlion statue as well as its miniature statue. Like what we mentioned earlier, these statues were originally located at Merlion Park. The new park is bigger compared to its original area by a about four times. 


If you wish to have more fun visiting Waterboat House Garden, you can explore the Singapore River by riding a boat. You can feel peace and relaxation while riding on the water with your loved ones. 

Scenic views

Waterboat House Garden can also make your stay memorable and peaceful with its beautiful scenic views. You can appreciate the beauty of nature while walking around the Waterboat House Garden. It is a good place to unwind and relieve stress after a long hard work. It is also a good area for meditation in your free time. You can take your family to the park to hang out with them. 


You don’t need to worry because there are nearby accommodations in the Waterboat House Garden. With that, you can stay in hotels safely during your visit to the historical park. There are also nearby eateries where you can eat delicious foods. 

Yes, it is worth it to visit the Waterboat House Garden in Singapore. The historical park has a lot to offer to make your stay more satisfying and relaxing. From the statues, water, and gorgeous greenery, the time you invest in the park is all worth it. You can enjoy the calmness of the place while learning about the history of the area. If you love nature, it is a good decision to visit the Waterboat House Garden. You can enjoy boating and explore the Singapore River. 

Yes, the Waterboat House Garden also has shelter areas. You can sit on the bench to take a break during your tour in the park. There’s nothing to worry about during your visit to Waterboat House Garden. Thus, they have several amenities to make your stay more convenient, fun, and peaceful.