West Coast Park

Spend some quality time with your family, let your children explore, and go home with fun memories to cherish for years with the West Coast Park.

West Coast Park is a family-friendly destination, ideal for those who want to unwind and enjoy at the same time. It is situated at the south-westernmost corner of Queenstown, Singapore, covering approximately 50 hectares.

Considered the Play Centre in the West, West Coast Park is a large regional park for people of all ages, from children to even adults. With a total of 50 hectares, it has countless recreational activities to offer, making your stay unforgettable and special.

West Coast Park Features

A 50-hectare regional park is not a joke to explore, and most travelers can’t help but be overwhelmed and surprised by a long list of destinations. 

Below, we present some of the places at West Coast Park that the locals, expats, and foreigners flock. 

Adventure Playground 

Nowadays, children stay in front of the computer to play their favorite video games or binge-watch cartoon movies. 

It is always best to let them play, and you can never go wrong with West Coast Park. 

Its Inclusive Playground, for instance, is one of the top favorites for many. Apart from the colorful design, it’s made with kid’s safety and comfort in mind. The ground, for example, is covered with soft foam and other special materials. The play equipment, on the other hand, is accessible to wheelchairs. 

There are also a rocking platform, broader swings, and a merry-go-round. 

If you have adventurous kids, its Wooden Obstacle Course will be your best bet. Although it is an old-school area in West Coast Park, the wooden platforms, ramps, and monkey bars always drive children’s interest and attention. 

For adults, West Coast Park prides itself on its flying fox. It has a total of four whole lanes of zip lines, which helps you avoid falling in a long line. This is also suitable for teens, and the experience is very nostalgic. 

If a zip line is not your thing, the Pyramid Rope Climb is a good alternative. As the name indicates, you will climb a pyramid rope. Once you reach the top, you can use the slide to go down. But since the slide is made of metal, it gets too hot, especially in summer. 

Kite Flying 

West Coast Park is a great place to relax. There are many lush and stunning trees to look at. But take your experience to the next level by flying a kite. 

With the sea breeze and open spaces at West Coast Park, it is not uncommon to see people flying their kites. 

But be sure to wear your sunscreen to protect yourself from the UV rays. Also, invite your siblings or some of your friends to make your experience more exciting than ever. 


Of course! But camping is only allowed in Area 3, close to the toilets at Adventure Playground.
Yes, it is so that you can bring your scooters or bicycles. If you forget to bring one, you can find a GoCycling Kiosk to rent a bicycle.

Apart from flying foxes, you can become an archer for an hour at the Salt & Light Archery. Admission only costs $5 per hour, which will not break your bank.