Woodlands Waterfront Park

Make your children’s vacation memorable and special with Woodlands Waterfront Park in Singapore. From fun playing areas to long trails, this community park has them all, helping your kids become ready for another intense year in school. 

Located at Admiralty Road, Woodlands Waterfront Park is a tranquil destination providing a picturesque view of the sea. Whether you want your children to have a good break from school or you also like to have an unforgettable vacation, this community park is a place that will turn your dream into a reality.

Woodlands Waterfront Park Features

Woodlands Waterfront Park is recognized as one of the best community parks in Singapore for a reason. 

Every year, it receives a number of travelers across the globe, and it is estimated to increase in the future. 

If you have not heard about Woodlands Waterfront Park, you would feel a bit skeptical, and that’s normal. 

But why do locals and foreign travelers fall in love with this destination? 

Waterfront Promenade 

Are you looking for a place to cycle, scoot, play catch, or jog? There is no need to look further than the waterfront promenade at this community park. 

Whether you or your children always stay in front of the computer for days, engage in any workout routine in this waterfront promenade.  

Singapore’s Longest Jetty 

Perhaps, you have witnessed multiple seas in Singapore. But this one near the Woodlands Waterfront Park is stunning in its own way. 

Take a stroll around the longest jetty in Singapore with your family and closest friends. It is also an excellent place to ride a bicycle every morning or during your spare time. 

High Elements Playground 

Another best feature at Woodlands Waterfront Park is this high elements playground. But it is not ideal for those with a fear of height. 

If your children are adventurous and not afraid to try something new, this high elements playground is a great choice. 

It consists of towers and bridges that promote climbing, running and jumping activities. 

Dining Establishments 

Who wants to travel on an empty stomach? Nobody likes that. Luckily, Woodland Waterfront Park has popular dining restaurants that will satisfy your cravings and unique taste buds. 

Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant, in particular, can level up your dining experience. The ambiance is peaceful. Plus, the people are approachable and welcoming. 


There are two trusted venues for booking. These are Central Spine Area and Green Law. Which is better? Well, both are reliable. But if you have relatives or friends who visited Woodlands Waterfront Park before, you can ask them for referrals to make the process straightforward. 

Yes, fishing is allowed, but only in designated areas. If fishing is one of your hobbies, the Woodlands Waterfront Park will never disappoint you. Just make sure to bring any of your fishing tools and materials to avoid problems along the way. 

The high elements playground is not safe for young children. It is only recommended for teens. But there is nothing to worry about. The playground has a toddler area. Aside from swings, there are mini obstacle courses younger kids can enjoy.