Yishun Park

After a stressful week in the office, you deserve to treat yourself to a place that will allow you to gather positive energy, boost your self-esteem, change your perspective, and rekindle your passion.

A destination like Yishun Park can come to your rescue. It is extremely stunning, peaceful, and ideal for those who are having a hard time.

Whether you encounter some trouble in the office, lose a special someone, or fail a job interview, remember that your mental health matters. Breathe some fresh air, look at the lush greenery, and take a stroll around Yishun Park.

Yishun Park Features

Located in Yishun, this nature park is near the Northland Primary School, Yishun Park Hawker Centre, and SAFRA Yishun Country Club. It is rich with biodiversity and home to starfruit, rambutan, guava, durian, and other tropical fruit trees. There are also different bird species that will leave you in amazement.

Children’s Play Equipment

It is everyone’s happiness to see a child smiles. So, treat your nieces, nephews, or own children to a place they can have a new and memorable experience like the Yishun Park.

A lot of people know it is only a plantation. But it has other things to offer and its children’s play equipment is one of the favorites of many.

Like the typical playground, it has swings and seasaw for the adventurous and active children in the family. Just make sure to supervise them while playing for your peace of mind.


Yishun Park also has an old school playgarden. Unlike the children’s play equipment, it does not have swings. It only has logs for balancing and wooden stepping bridges and stones.

What’s more, Yishun Park playgarden has signboards with codes and puzzles for your kids to decipher, helping them develop their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills as well.

Although it looks more traditional, it is fun without a doubt.


After a few hours of enjoying nature, do not miss your chance to go to its amphitheatre to witness some special and much-awaited events.

Whether you are exhausted in the office or want to end your day with a bang, the amphitheatre in Yishun Park is the answer to the problem that you have been looking for.

Invite your friend so that you have someone to talk to, share laughter with, and enjoy the moment together.

Singapore’s First Dipterocarp Arboretum

Yishun Park is also one of the popular parks in the country because of its Dipterocarp Arboretum.

It showcases over 800 trees of more than 70 species. It is built to enhance biodiversity in urban areas, help visitors learn the features of Dipterocarps, and witness how young saplings turn into stunning trees.

Cycling Track

Most cyclists ride on roads in Singapore. It is fun. But nothing is more exciting than cycling in Yishun Park.

The cycling track is wide enough for you and your friends. Even if you are tired after hours of cycling, the tall and magnificent trees can ease your fatigue.


Aside from durian, guava, rambutan, and starfruit, there are coconut, bread fruit trees, and jackfruit.

Well, they are perfect for family gatherings and other activities.

Yishun Park was constructed in 1991.