Yishun Pond Park

Are you planning to visit Singapore later this year or after the pandemic is over? One of the best tourist destinations you must see in Singapore is Yishun Pond Park.

Yishun Pond Park Overview and Features

If everything around you makes you stressed, it is time to find a tranquil spot to exhale all your problems. One of the perfect spots to relax is the Yishun Pond Park. This place is popular among the residents and tourists.
Yishun is a Chinese term for Nee Soon. It is a property in Singapore that is popular because of its tradition, culture, and heritage.
With several interesting places in this estate, the Yishun Pond and Yishun Park are the most recognizable and iconic among visitors and local tourists.
The Yishun Park is easy to access by many as it is located along the Yishun Ring Road. Beyond that, it also features several facilities designed for recreational activities for residents, friends, families, and loved ones.
Tourists and residents are welcomed to join the area’s exercise groups. Residents normally start their exercise routine in the area at 5:00 in the morning.
Some of the exercise groups you can join in this area are their aerobics dancers and qigong groups. Qigong is an activity that would help you to inhale relaxation and exhale stress. Beyond that, it also provides you with positive energy. As you socialize with other Chinese members, you will learn some of the phrases you can take when you go home.
You probably heard about the beauty of Yishun Pond Park before. But through the years, it has gone through a lot of innovations. Currently, the park has an improved look that attracts several tourists from different parts of the world.
The park has dedicated certain areas where tourists and residents can watch their favourite movies together while having dinner. Beyond that, you can also look around the park during your leisure time.
The Yishun Pond Park also accepts tourists during the evening. Visitors can go jogging or stroll with their families and friends. Before the pandemic, couples and students tend to spend some of their time in the area to have some bond. Through this, several tourists and locals consider the place far more than just a park. The area allows people to socialize and connect with others as they make new memories together.

Frequently asked questions

There are several things you can do in the said park. These include jogging, leisure walking, watching movies, and more.

There are several trees species available in the park, including jackfruit trees, mangosteen trees, and star-fruit trees, to name a few. 

The park accepts residents and tourists since 2006 after it has been renovated.